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    How I Taught my Child to Deal with Bullies and his Toys R Us Christmas Wishlist

    “You’re my superhero mom” – baby jop After teaching him how to stand up for himself against this school bully (without resorting to violence). I told him to ignore the bully named JM, and just tell it to his teacher after class. His teacher told me Geof was a very good boy and handled the situation well. A good example to his classmates daw. So here are 5 tips that I shared my child to handle his bully. 3 Tips to Deal with School Bullies Speak-up – Bullies do what they do because they lack attention, and want to show authority. I told my son that whenever someone tries to…

  • Personal Musings

    Being Bipolar: 5 Things I Do to Cope During a Manic Episode (Mania)

    Hi I’m Kaycee, 30 (well turning 31 soon) and “suffering” from bipolar disorder. I was professionally diagnosed when I was 21 but the doctor told me I probably had this ever since. Bipolar disorder is genetic and can be triggered (activated) through trauma or a really shitty childhood. Today is actually a celebration. Shifting from my previous depressive semi-suicidal episodes, I am now in MANIA O_O. I was planning to just write about how I exhaust myself till I burn out from work to waste all this excess energy. But look, I jotted down 5 things I do to cope with Mania Shout out to Project Vanity for their 10th…

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