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    Photo Diary: Macho Kid and Mom Foodtrip Adventures Part 2!

    Woohoooooooo! This is another personal musing post where I’m not thinking of any search engine optimization, making it viral, or anything else! Just sharing my precious moments captured in photos turning into precious memories. My macho kid is growing so fast huhuhu he’s turning 8 this year and I just can’t!!! He’s not a baby anymore! 3 more years and he’ll go into puberty T_T I. JUST CANT I will miss my baby so much! But like everyone else. Everyone grows old. Even me. Even you. He promised me that when he becomes a teen we’ll still have our mama and baba adventures (that’s what we call our dates) and…

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    Our Magical Family Day & Where to Buy Enchanted Kingdom Tickets at Promo Rate

    Hey everyone! I know I know, you’re most likely here because you want to know how we scored Enchanted Kingdom Tickets on a promo rate. So yes I’ll be sharing with you how below. It’s easy! But first a quick story. I’m a cheapskate. I rarely treat my family on trips because as a single mom, I usually save my extra funds for macho kid. But on new year’s day, macho kid hugged me and asked “Mama, can we go to Enchanted Kingdom with wowa, wowo, ninang and ninong?“. Who can resist? When the most important being on the planet asks you for a family bonding trip. Being the kuripot…

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