Hi everyone! Last month, Geof and I were invited to Sanicare Playday held at Green Sun Hotel Makati. Now I don’t usually bring macho kid to events unless he really wants to and I know he’ll have the best time! It’s part of balancing my role as both a mom and a blogger. You just don’t force your kids to join you in parties/events just because.  Today I’ll share with you some tips if you’re planning to bring your kids to an event and also our Sanicare Playday experience!   Macho kid is an unico ijo (only child) and since we live in the province with barely any neighbors around. He’s always…

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    What’s New? Erceflora Probibears 2-in-1 Probiotic Supplement for Kids!

    Great news everyone! A delicious probiotic supplement for a healthier tummy is now available in “candy” form! Introducing, Erceflora Probibears! When Geof was around 2-3 years old. He loves to put his hands in his mouth. And as a mom, we can’t have our eyes on them 24/7 and sometimes we don’t know what or where they put their hands on! He was prone to indigestion and tummy problems (huhu I feel guilty). Kaya his pedia recommended us to have Erceflora in our refs in stock. But this was in a tube we have to cut and Geof has to chug like water. Dios mio! It was torture for both of us. Imagine…

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