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    Linden Suites Staycation – Review, Promo, Rates, Photos

    Woopeedeedoo! Staycation time! Today we’ll be visiting The Linden Suites, a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Ortigas, Pasig City.  There’s something satisfying in staying in a hotel. It’s home away from home. You get to de-stress and take your mind of off things, without leaving the city. Me on the otherhand, it’s the opposite. Since I’m already from the province hahaha! Do you believe in the law of attraction? The past few weeks has been stressful and one day to my surprise, I received an invite to review a hotel! Wow! I’ll be featuring their room, food and promo. Let’s go? The Linden Suites Rates One Bedroom Suite –…

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    Bipolar Musings: On Rapid Cycling and How Time is Never Enough

    I promised myself that I’ll finish as much tasks in my head tonight. Just to clear away debris and unnecessary thoughts. Tomorrow I told macho kid we’ll watch Jurassic World again tomorrow in the cinema. Even if we already watched it last week, it’s the first time he genuinely liked a movie. This post was written: June 16 2018 I’m writing this now as a break. I have a couple of pending ideas on my desktop notes, and a hundred in my head. I’ve been experiencing a roller-coaster of extremes these past few days. My depression and mania have been switching at a more frequent pace than before. What is Rapid Cycling?…

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