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    Good Times at Singapore Science Centre| Travelling is Like a Dream

    When it comes to travel blogs, I (we) should keep in mind that it’s best to write as soon as possible. When the taste, sound, smell, moments, and memories are still fresh in our minds. It’s my fault that it took as long as 1 month to finish the entire Singapore Family Travel Diaries. The experience is slowly fading away like a dream. A good friend told me that when we shared each other’s sentiments on travel. Each place we visit is like a dream, and going back home is waking up. So without further ado, let me share with you the bits and pieces that my mind can fragment…

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    For the 2nd leg of our Singapore Family Trip we’ll go to a different route. Compared to Universal Studios Sentosa post that was more instructional with how-tos, tips, and what nots. Day 2 will be written more casually and more personal. Like literally a travel diary. This will be photo heavy. or maybe it’ just my excuse because I’m lazy to SEO the whole damn thing hahaha Ready? Let’s go! MRT to Khatib Station Macho kid, inspired by seeing me always working out in the gym. Also got into fitness. He does around 10 pushups daily and even when we’re on vacation he needs to get pumped up!   After riding…

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    Tips for Visiting Universal Studios Singapore 2019| Day 1 Photo Diary

    Hi guys, today macho kid and I will share you some tips before visiting Universal Studios Sentosa in Singapore. This is actually our 3rd time but the 1st time that he’s aware and can remember.  Also see: ZOO RIVER SAFARI + BUGIS STREET BARGAIN SHOPPING DAY 3: SCIENCE CENTRE SINGAPORE + Song Fa Bak Kut Teh in CHINATOWN  SINGAPORE 2019 FAMILY TRIP | Our 3-Day Itinerary with Little Budget & Planning Ever since he was small, Geof has always been obsessed with the Universal Studios introduction clip. Why? Nobody knows. I asked him before and he told me that film intros are cool. If you have no idea what I’m…

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