• How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market

    HOW TO: Invest in the Philippine Stock Market (for newbies)

    My name is Kaycee aka The Macho Mom and I’ve been actively trading in the PSE for 8++ years now. All knowledge I will share with you is based on experience, reading, and trainings I’ve attended. All of those gave me information overload! But thanks to my hyperactive brain I was able to process everything somehow. My job now is to make this information easy to digest for everyone. I entered the stock market because I want to be financially diverse. Make passive income/savings without exerting too much effort (kasi I’m too tamad to start up my own business and I prefer working alone)   Quick Background I’ve been receiving…

  • Laptop Factory Wilson Gilmore Review
    features,  TRENDING

    REVIEW: Laptop Factory the Cheapest Laptop Store in Gilmore

    Okay, I’ll spill the beans na. If you don’t now Laptop Factory yet then READ THIS. It’s a surplus shop of laptops for ANY budget (from low-end to high-end) and you get to purchase it up to 60% off. Yes, that’s why my title is redundant. Favorite na best pa. Today I’ll be sharing with you a “secret“. As a blogger, I need to stay up-to-date with the latest gadgets and technology. Besides the mobile phone, my other weapon of choice is a laptop. But where do I buy my laptops here in the Philippines? Not in the mall of course! Lugi! The cost of rent and other expenditures make the…

  • Personal Musings

    On Social Media Burnouts and What it Means to Go “Freelance”

    Cried myself to sleep last night. I can hustle alright. I can work. My mind can do a hell of a lot of things lalo na when manic. Pero doing so encloses me in a shell na I’m starting to neglect the people I love the most. Especially Geof. With my fear of losing any means to support his future financially, I work and work and work and work non-stop.   Time management issues? Maybe. So yeah this is a start. As a single mom and breadwinner of the family, I have to make sure may earnings for expenses,savings,etc. Being a freelancer, I have this mindset that I have to…

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    REVIEW: Belo Collagen Powder Drink (old version)

    Helloooooooo! I’m so excited to be reviewing another collagen supplement for all of you! This time it’s from our trusted brand, Belo Nutraceutecals! I was skeptical at trying this at first because of my very fishy experience with IVI Collagen but boy did Belo change the whole collagen supplement game with this one! Full and Detailed Review down below. Trust me this is one of the best you’ll find. Let’s go!   I bought my drink with my OWN money at Watson’s 🙂 This is not a sponsored post.   Belo Collagen Powder Drink Price: 1,600 box of 14 sachets / 114.50/sachetWhere to buy? Watson’s, Mercury Drug, SM Beauty, Leading…

  • Human Heart Nature Deodorant Beauty +Plus Review
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    REVIEW: Human Heart Nature Deodorant Beauty +Plus Roll-On

    Earlier this year, I had a Human Heart Nature obsession phase where I hoarded a bunch of their products and blogged them on my old website kikaysikat (RIP). Since this is my new baby, might as well post my thoughts  on their Human Heart Nature Beauty +Plus Deodorant (Price: 149php  for 50ml). Their idea with this product is infuse the skin nourishing benefits of sunflower oil to their all-natural deodorant. It got me intrigued because my cousin is a HUGE HUGE fan of their sunflower oil and got nothing but raves for it.   Product Description 99.8% Natural | Powder Light Scent Embrace the Miracles of our bestseller and cult classic Sunflower…

  • food,  LIFESTYLE

    REVIEW: Song Fa ba kut teh has the BEST pork ribs soup in Singapore (if not the entire planet)

    After that tiring yet rewarding trip to Science Centre, my mom and aunt were starving! Hahaha! They were also craving for anything SOUP! So I messaged my  fitspo buddy Marga of @margabanaga who recently stayed in SG and asked her local friends for recommendations. “Where can we eat good soup without making our wallets cry?” SONG FA bak kut teh! That was their unanimous answer. NOW I MUST TRY.     Song Fa bak kut teh It was around lunch time so the place was packed. But not full enough that we need to wait before seating. They have a straightforward menu of their best-selling dishes. I decided to order…

  • BEAUTY,  HEALTH & FITNESS,  reviews,  skincare,  supplements

    REVIEW: DHC Nameraka Supplement from Japan

    It’s about time that we start talking about collagen supplements. I’ve been receiving a lot of e-mails asking if collagen supplements work. I have answers, and I’m ready to review the collagen supplements I’ve tried throughout the years. What’s the use of having fair and white skin if our skin looks aged and sagging right? Like you, I would like to hold on to my youth as LONG as I possibly can. I will use supplements and creams to do so. Even considering botox and surgery maybe when I hit my 30’s or 40’s. A lot of collagen supplements from powder, capsules, to drink form is readily available in the…

  • milcu-roll-on-deodorant-review-6
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    REVIEW: Milcu Roll-On Deodorant

    This review is long overdue. How long? 14 years how about that. I’ve been using Milcu Roll-On Deodorant since discovering it 2004 back in college. This deodorant has been popular in forums such as FemaleNetwork’s Girl Talk, and Pinoyexchange.com. Back when social media isn’t a thing yet. That’s why today’s a special post for all of you. THIS DEODORANT IS L-O-V-E. Just continue reading to find out why. If you’re not the “reading type” (booooo) wait for my Youtube video on KikaysikaTV soon. Where to buy Milcu? Leading supermarkets, groceries, Mercury Drug, Watsons Price? 189.75php/50ml as of writing MILCU ROLL-ON DEODORANT REVIEW Now I’d like to be one of those girls that would wear…

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    Living With Tourettes and Supplements to Manage Tics

    I’ve had tics since I was 5 years old. I remember having tons of interventions from my cousin because they thought it was a mannerism that can be stopped at will. NO. It’s involuntary and exhausting.   WATCH MY VIDEO Every single day I do my best efforts not to make it obvious to others. Being called weird, crazy, and other names can be hurtful. Let’s just be kind and compassionate. After seeing Billie Eilish opening up that sje has the same condition, it inspired me to do so as well. Here’s my story,and I hope it raises awareness. Tourettes is not as accepted and understood in the Philippines compared…

  • HEALTH & FITNESS,  reviews,  supplements

    REVIEW: IVI Premium Collagen (powder)

    So why did I buy IVI Collagen? It’s not because of Gretchen. Okay, though I really like Gretchen for her beauty and fresh look. I really don’t buy the whole it’s because she drinks the collagen that she looks so young. It’s so obvious she had plastic surgery and done botox here and there. I have nothing against having surgery to maintain our good looks but I’m not fond of misleading people.   How much does IVI Collagen cost? It costs around 113php per sachet   Does IVI collagen work? Yes, it actually works overnight. But don’t expect looking 10 or 20 years younger. I actually recommend this to people…

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