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    5 Real Reasons to Keep a Fitness Journal

    The start of the year is always the best time to plan new goals in life. From savings, travel, business, career, and fitness goals. With life plans come different journals! What kind of journal do you have right now? I have 2. One Berry Pink Starbucks Planner for my content planning and brainstorming, and a Fitness Journal. What is a Fitness Journal? A fitness journal is a log of information where you: Log your workout program Track your progress Make changes when necessary Jot down all your reps, weights, training max during days you workout I never believed in owning this kind of journal before. There’s always TONS of mobile applications for…

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    Beginners Guide to Fitness (Quick & Easy Read)

    Want to get fit but don’t know how to start? 3 things. Diet. Exercise. Sleep. These are essential factors that we need to educate ourselves in. There are countless fad diets and types of physical activities on the internet.  What matters most is find something that works for YOU. This post will more or less help you start if you’re clueless where to begin. Beginners Guide to Fitness #1 DIET Total Calories  = Protein + Fat + Carbs Want to lose weight/fat? – Cut calories, keep protein high Want to gain weight? – Eat more, keep protein high How to compute my calories? – IIFYM Calorie Calculator What diet worked…

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    How to Stop from Binge Eating aka Notes to Self

    I barely miss a day at the gym. It has become a habit, a lifestyle. But how come I don’t see the progress I expect? On some cases, just like today; my body seems to be in it’s worse form than before. Why? Written a lot of articles on different diets, from fads to what actually works. I never got the courage to admit that I am a failure because no matter how much I wrote about eating right. One emotional meltdown and I’m back to where I started. Binging on milk tea, donuts, iced lattes, and other emotionally satisfying sugar. Turning it into an endless unhealthy cycle.   How…

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    Fitness Plan for Busy Moms that Worked for Me

    It’s been a few years since I’ve written my “Project Sexy Program” from my old blog kikaysikat.com. Inspite of the occasional donuts and milk tea, on weird days. I keep on coming back to this nutrition and workout plan and so far it gave me the best body I’ve ever achieved so far. Learning never stops and I think I’ll be reading my own article from time to time!  I’m sure it will get better when I get the discipline to strictly follow my macros! But UGH MILK TEA and SAMGYUPSAL IS LIFE T_T #ironies #temptations Please follow me on instagram: @themachomom   Nutrition – Lean Gains To summarize, lean…

  • Gym Membership Rates & Reviews in the Philippines
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    Gym Membership Rates & Reviews in the Philippines (2020)

    A few years ago on my old blog,  I made an extensive review on the most popular gyms in the Philippines. I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries regarding gym membership rates in gym clubs in the Philippines. I consolidated all the information you need since people wants to be spoonfed nowadays. Enjoy!   Popular Gyms in the Philippines For details on their rates and membership, just scroll until the end of this post! Anytime Fitness GI Joe Fitness (details to follow) Fitness Express (details to follow) Fitness First Golds Gym Slimmers World     Anytime Fitness One time joining fee: 1,000 PesosKey Fob: 2,500 Pesos  (yes guys, this high-tech equipment is expensive…

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    Sharing Fitness Tips and Quick Workouts for Mommies at Ritemed’s Tamang Alaga Day!

    Pag may kailangang gamot, wag mahiyang magtanong. May RiteMED ba nito? I bet I tickled your earworms with the catchy jingle of RiteMED! Haha! My family always asks for RiteMED alternatives in drugstores whenever we buy our medicine. Why go for branded ones when you can get it for wayyyy cheaper. Now, more than just medicine. RiteMED organized a special day for moms like me. The RiteMED Tamang Alaga Day: Para Kay Nanay. It was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Ortigas last May 20, 2018. And guess what? Yours truly was not just invited. I was part of the program with co-mommy mars Camille Prats and mommy Denise who…

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