• Pet Friendly Restaurant in MOA The Paw Club
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    Pet Friendly Restaurant in MOA The Paw Club

    Looking for a pet friendly place to eat in MOA? I highly recommend The Paw Club. Last week, macho kid and I adopted a new kitty. We’ve always wanted a friend for teewee and luckily a friend of mine is having one of his persian cats adopted. We’re from Batangas and pets aren’t allowed in the bus so we had to wait for our sister in Mall of Asia and their van for a ride. We got the Conan the kitty at 1PM and had to wait until 8PM (sister was attending a cosplay event). Now where do we hang out? I’ve spent a couple of hours in Google to find…

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    Birthday Promo Restaurants in the Philippines | Upated: 2019

      It may not look like it, but I love to feast on buffets! I even made a strategy on how to make the best out of them. Start on sashimi, then on steaks, then salads to refresh your palate. NO CARBS! (or carbs last), desserts, then begin the cycle again! But this post is not about buffet strategies. Today I’ll be sharing with you the BEST RESTAURANTS THAT OFFER BIRTHDAY PROMOS! Here’s the list of everything and just scroll down to read the details: Ramen Nagi Vikings Dad’s SAMBOKOJIN Yakimix NIU By Vikings   Enjoy 🙂 Ramen Nagi Birthday Promo       VIKINGS Birthday Promo   1) Birthday celebrant…


    IIFYM Macros Chart Guide on What to Eat

    Trust me. This “Help! What do I Eat?” macros chart will make our fitness lives SO. MUCH. EASIER. Good day everyone! This post is specially made for people who are tracking their macros AKA  Carbohydrates Protein Fat Macros are how calories are broken down according to nutrient value. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to gain weight or lose weight. We track the big 3 to determine how much food our body needs. If you want to learn more,  visit Macros Inc.  Even if I’m using My Fitness Pal to track what I eat, there are days when I hit my certain macros but significantly lack others. That’s why after careful…

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    REVIEW: Song Fa ba kut teh has the BEST pork ribs soup in Singapore (if not the entire planet)

    After that tiring yet rewarding trip to Science Centre, my mom and aunt were starving! Hahaha! They were also craving for anything SOUP! So I messaged my  fitspo buddy Marga of @margabanaga who recently stayed in SG and asked her local friends for recommendations. “Where can we eat good soup without making our wallets cry?” SONG FA bak kut teh! That was their unanimous answer. NOW I MUST TRY.     Song Fa bak kut teh It was around lunch time so the place was packed. But not full enough that we need to wait before seating. They have a straightforward menu of their best-selling dishes. I decided to order…

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    POPEYES Opens in Manila! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    I miss their biscuits – macho mom The world-famous American fried chicken chain POPEYES® is all set to open its first restaurant in Manila very, very soon! And fried chicken lovers have every reason to celebrate as it will open its first branch in POPEYES® Arcovia City, Pasig.   Brought to you by the Kuya J Group, POPEYES® has set the local dining scene abuzz with excitement over rumors of an opening in the Philippines. Now that it’s official, Filipino diners can finally savor the heart and soul of American Southern-style cooking best experienced only at POPEYES®.   “Everyone in Manila has been anticipating the opening of POPEYES® and we’re…

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    I AM DEL + Gardenia Delicia Giveaway!

    Hello everyone! Today’s post is delightfully special. Why? Because I’m giving you a sneak peek into one of my days as multi-hyphenate woman; a self-employed self-made blogger, a gym enthusiast, a health nut, and most especially, a mom. Go read up to the end of the post because in partnership with Gardenia Delicia. We’re giving away awesome treats to lucky loyal readers of Kikaysikat | The Macho Mom!   A Day of a DEL Mom I try to sleep as early as 10pm because I wake up at 5 to prepare Geof for school. Then, I head out to the gym for my regular workouts to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically fit.…

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    MACHO KID’S OBSESSION WITH PEPPER LUNCH | and how we spent “Fathers Day”

    “Mommy can we please eat at Pepper Lunch?” This is the usual line of macho kid whenever we’re in a mall and I ask him what he wants to eat. No guys this isn’t sponsored. But how I wish it was! Because I can’t count how many times we’ve had our meals there. It’s not the most affordable fast food *sigh* but my son finishes the whole jumbo plate and he’s a picky eater! We don’t celebrate Mothers day or Fathers day or any other day that much because everyday is special for us 🙂 But it just so happened that it was Sunday and after going to church we decided to go…

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    Review: Nono’s by Classic Confections | Mama and Baba Food Adventures

    When we were on vacation in Manila for 2 months, one of the places macho kid and I frequent is the new Podium. Why? Simply because they have delicious dining option without the messy crowd. One of Jop’s favorite restaurants to dine in is Nono’s by Classic Confections. As you can see here’s another photo of him on a different day (the next one actually) nonos chicken Nono’s by Classic Confections I was craving for something creamy so I got their Roasted Squash Soup (225php). Jop with his usual Homestyle Chicken with Mashed Potatos and Dinner Rolls (325php). The place is very homey with strong tita vibes. They offer a wide…

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    Gardenia Delicia Spread Review | Deliciously Delightful!

    Food affects our mood tremendously. Eating something delicious can transform anyone from grumpy to happy! That’s why I’m excited to share with you Gardenia Delicia Spread. To be honest, that morning when we were supposed to shoot for the unboxing video. I was in a terrible, terrible mood. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Even while writing this post as of this moment, I am not my best. My son macho kid, is one of my saving grace. He helps me stay sane despite having a bipolar disorder. Surprisingly, eating this yummy Gardenia Delicia spread with Geof instantly perked up my mood! Continue reading for our…

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