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    On Beauty Products: Where I Spend, Save, and Splurge

    We all prioritize things differently. For example, buying a pair of 200 peso underwear makes me feel more guilty than buying a cup of 160php milk tea . Priorities. Just like how I’ll be sharing with you which beauty products I spend, save, and splurge on. Even my “splurges” are on a budget LOL   I also have my reasons. How about you? I’m curious how you budget your spending on beauty products!   Eyeshadow (singles)   The truth? I don’t own any singles. I purchase in palettes and they last a looooooooong time. Too long it even reaches it’s expiry date LOL   Suncreen I don’t scrimp on sunscreen. It’s…

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    Lilo Little Locator Review | This might be the BEST Smartwatch for Kids

    Today I was feeling extra inspired to write this review for the Lilo Little Locator (Price: 3,990php) watch. Why? Just this morning macho kid sent me a couple of voice mails saying: “Mom! You forgot to include my art materials in my bag” “Mom, where did you put my tissue paper?” If he wasn’t wearing his Lilo Locator, I wouldn’t been able to rush back to school to get his missing items (yes. memory gap. signs of aging). I might have picked him up crying instead because of frustration (huhu) We all know that smartphones are not allowed in school, and since class started I banned him from using gadgets. So without further ado,…

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    Where Should I Invest My Money? | On Insurance Plans and Investments

    Don’t worry. I’m not here to sell you products or services. I’m not even going to claim I’m a financial expert. I’m just here writing my views and personal experience on investments. To give you a point of view from a real person’s perspective, not from sales. There’s a lot of things I regret doing, and not doing during my early 20’s. One of which is not saving as much as I should. To be honest during my early years of working I had: zero savings negative credit poor budget decisions I shopped like there’s no tomorrow. Maxed out my credit cards. Purchased things I wanted but never really need. Clothes,…

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    D706 360 Smart Camera: Review, Features, Manual

    Initially I ordered her a cheaper one from Shopee. FAIL. Sometimes you really get what you pay for. The former took me around 3 hours to get it to work but the images are low quality, it only has one angle, and you can’t view it when you’re out of the house. Like, what’s the use of a CCTV if you can only watch it when you’re inside?  Now. Let’s talk about the D706 360 Smart Camera. I was traumatised by my first CCTV installation experience so I was hesitant to open the box and set it up right away. My mom, however BEGGED me to place it already so she…

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