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    Living With Tourettes and Supplements to Manage Tics

    Living With Tourettes and Supplements to Manage Tics

    I’ve had tics since I was 5 years old. I remember having tons of interventions from my cousin because they thought it was a mannerism that can be stopped at will. NO. It’s involuntary and exhausting.   WATCH MY VIDEO Every single day I do my best efforts not to make it obvious to others. Being called weird, crazy, and other names can be hurtful. Let’s just be kind and compassionate. After seeing Billie Eilish opening up that sje has the same condition, it inspired…

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    Hello World! Happy Mother’s Day! Hello Macho Mom!

    On Site Penalties and Positivity

    I have to reward myself a gift of writing a personal musing on the very first post on my new website The Macho Mom. It has been long over-due and I’ve been thinking about it A LOT!  If not for the google penalization of my beloved kikaysikat.com, I wouldn’t felt so desperate enough to create another domain because I feel like an octopus who’s lost its tentacle and it needs to regrow another one.   As you all know, KIKAYSIKAT has been my baby for…

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    Macho Kid and his Passion for Arts and Science!

    Macho Kid and his Passion for Arts and Science!

    Hi guys! You probably already know about my son, Geof (jop for short). Also known as Macho Kid! We’ve been sharing a good amount of social media time on instagram as I like to save as many precious memories as possible. Because our kids, they grow up fast. Soon enough he’ll venture into puberty, then adulthood T_T Today I’ll be sharing with you bits and piece of his odd but endearing hobby which is building construction using blocks or sometimes, random objects.   Macho Kid…

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    Linden Suites Staycation – Review, Promo, Rates, Photos

    Linden Suites Staycation - Review, Promo, Rates, Photos

    Woopeedeedoo! Staycation time! Today we’ll be visiting The Linden Suites, a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Ortigas, Pasig City.  There’s something satisfying in staying in a hotel. It’s home away from home. You get to de-stress and take your mind of off things, without leaving the city. Me on the otherhand, it’s the opposite. Since I’m already from the province hahaha! Do you believe in the law of attraction? The past few weeks has been stressful and one day to my surprise, I received…

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    4 Simple Activities to Bond with Your Kid

    Here I am with motherly anxiety. With the thought that in a few years, macho kid will go into his puberty stage and on to becoming a teenager. I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ll miss their super sweet baby and kid phase. Instead of worrying, I thought of simple ways we can bond with our kid. While they’re still young (and us too). Also I’ll be sharing this super cool website that allows you to do almost all of these activities at once!       #4…

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    Photo Diary: Macho Kid and Mom Foodtrip Adventures Part 2!

    Woohoooooooo! This is another personal musing post where I’m not thinking of any search engine optimization, making it viral, or anything else! Just sharing my precious moments captured in photos turning into precious memories. My macho kid is growing so fast huhuhu he’s turning 8 this year and I just can’t!!! He’s not a baby anymore! 3 more years and he’ll go into puberty T_T I. JUST CANT I will miss my baby so much! But like everyone else. Everyone grows old. Even me. Even…

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    Our Magical Family Day & Where to Buy Enchanted Kingdom Tickets at Promo Rate

    Our Magical Family Day & Where to Buy Enchanted Kingdom Tickets at Promo Rate

    Hey everyone! I know I know, you’re most likely here because you want to know how we scored Enchanted Kingdom Tickets on a promo rate. So yes I’ll be sharing with you how below. It’s easy! But first a quick story. I’m a cheapskate. I rarely treat my family on trips because as a single mom, I usually save my extra funds for macho kid. But on new year’s day, macho kid hugged me and asked “Mama, can we go to Enchanted Kingdom with wowa,…

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    How I Taught my Child to Deal with Bullies and his Toys R Us Christmas Wishlist

    “You’re my superhero mom” – baby jop After teaching him how to stand up for himself against this school bully (without resorting to violence). I told him to ignore the bully named JM, and just tell it to his teacher after class. His teacher told me Geof was a very good boy and handled the situation well. A good example to his classmates daw. So here are 5 tips that I shared my child to handle his bully. 3 Tips to Deal with School Bullies…

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