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    Air Purifier for Allergies and Asthma Relief – Is it Effective?

    I’ve had allergies from cats, dust, and pollen ever since I can remember. I’m sick of the never-ending runny nose, sneezing, cough, itchy throat, etc. What sucks is we have a cat at home, whom we LOVE so so much. Typical anthistamines like Cetrizine or Loratidine give temporary relief. But lately, not one single medicine is working anymore. Until one fine day, my boyfriend sent me a FB post on Dyson’s Air Purifier for allergies. I told him that thing costs almost 50,000 pesos and…

  • Health and Fitness

    Air Humidifier vs Air Purifier – Which one should you get?

    I’ve been suffering from allergic rhinitis ever since. So my boyfriend advised me to purchase an air humidifier vs air purifier. So off I went to the mall to get one. Until the sales lady told me, “They’re different products mam. Each have different functions”.   I initially thought it’s an all-in-one product. Like it’s both a humidifier and purifier. I was wrong. Benefits of owning an Air Purifier/Air Humidifier Both products are great for people with sinus and respiratory issues, however, the way they offer…

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