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    The best hand pulled noodles in Manila? Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles

    The first time I had a craving for handpulled noodles was when a drag queen, mentioned it on Drag Race Philippines. I think it was Verushka Levels? So of to search I went. Luckilly, there’s a hand-pulled noodles place in Banawe Quezon City! Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles! Trust me, this is a hidden gem in the city that needs more attention (and recognition) Compared to regular machinemade noodles, you can actually see the chefs in the kitchen, making and stretching the dough to make various noodle shapes and sizes, FRESH. They also have a better taste, and texture. It has this special “bite” to it what makes it enjoyable to chew.…

  • How Community Helped Me Navigate Motherhood

    How Community Helped Me Navigate Motherhood

    Motherhood is a journey of challenges, from ensuring your child is healthy and happy to balancing work and family life. It’s no wonder many moms feel pressured to be perfect and do it all. As a solo parent and working mom, I know firsthand how overwhelming this can be. But the truth is, being a perfect mom is impossible. Every mother has her strengths and weaknesses. I struggle with household chores and managing my time, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask for help—in fact, it’s essential. One of my best sources of support has been the more experienced women in my community. These women have been through it…

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    Unlock Your Career Potential: 5 Must-KnowInsights from the 2024 PFIP Workplace Report

    On April 30, 2024, the Philippine Financial & Inter-Industry Pride (PFIP) launched its 2024 PFIP LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion Report at the University of the Philippines (UP) School of Statistics Auditorium in Diliman, Quezon City. The report drew insights from over 80 companies across diverse industries, providing insights into workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). Here’s everything you need to know from this report: #1: PFIP champions LGBTQ+ workplace inclusivity  Since its establishment in 2013, the non-profit organization, consisting of LGBTQ+ employee resource group representatives and human resource/diversity professionals from private firms in the Philippines, has championed progressive DE&I policies for Filipino LGBTQ+ talents, advocating for workplace inclusion so they can…

  • Sassy Girl Blush Pretty in Pink Review

    Sassy Colors Blush Review: This tiktok viral blush looks better on your skin, swear

    When I first saw this viral blush on Tiktok, I told myself, that looks hella ugly in the pan! This is blush is called Pretty in Pink from Sassy Colors. It’s only 130php on Laz and I’m so glad I still caved in and bought one. Do read until the end to see what I think + what it looks like when applied on my face. The packaging is tacky and flimsy… like what would you expect from such a cheap product right? It looks pretty bland in the pan no? The color a dull shade of muave. It’s even loose, powdery, and a lot of fallout. But but but.…

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    Why do you need to get up during the night to pee? Is this normal?

    It can be normal to wake up once or even twice during the night to wee, especially as we get older. One in three adults over 30 makes at least two trips to the bathroom every night. Waking up from sleep to urinate on a regular basis is called nocturia. It’s one of the most commonly reported bothersome urinary symptoms (others include urgency and poor stream). So what causes nocturia, and how can it affect wellbeing? This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. A range of causes Nocturia can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, such as heart or kidney problems, poorly controlled diabetes, bladder infections, an overactive bladder, or gastrointestinal issues.…

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