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    Jenna Essence Mild Kit Rejuvenating Set Review

    The Jenna Essence Mild Kit Rejuvenating Set exfoliates and cleanses the skin–Improves uneven skin tone, visible sun damage, and other superficial discoloration. It softens the surface of your skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It decreases the appearance of acne scars and dries pimples fast. It also tightens pores and removes dead skin for a healthy, glowing and lighter skin.  Achieve true essence of beauty in two weeks! Price: Php 298.00 per set from resellers on shopee NOTE: Result may vary according to a…

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    Honest Reviews of Younique Foundation

    Let’s all be honest here, deep inside we are all skeptics. When we see a product that is being heavily marketed in social media and across influencers upon influencers, it just fuels the urge we get to figure out the question that’s been brewing inside our heads: why? Why did it gain such a following? Why did it garner this much attention… Why is Younique make up hyped to the way it is now? Their Foundation products are one of the few that buzzed a…

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    Review: Ellana x Project Vanity Life-proof Eyebrow Pencil

    Kamusta naman ang kilay naten? (How are your brows?). It’s been almost 3 months since lockdown and I’ve been DIY-ing my way through everything. From cutting my hair to shaping my brows. And I’m so glad I was able to score these Life-proof Eyebrow Pencils from Ellana, in collaboration with Project Vanity.    You can get your Ellana Products here   They already worked together previously on their Life-proof Eyebrow Gels that came in pot form. It got dry too fast and it was a…

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