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Honest Reviews of Younique Foundation

Let’s all be honest here, deep inside we are all skeptics. When we see a product that is being heavily marketed in social media and across influencers upon influencers, it just fuels the urge we get to figure out the question that’s been brewing inside our heads: why? Why did it gain such a following? Why did it garner this much attention…

Why is Younique make up hyped to the way it is now?

Their Foundation products are one of the few that buzzed a noise in the online make-up community. So let’s dive into the Good and the Bad reviews from different bloggers regarding Younique’s Foundation products.



by Mandie Elizabeth

Albeit skeptical at first due to the roaring buzz of negativity surrounding Younique’s products, most usually due to its hefty prices and the heavy marketing it has in social media, she decided to approach their product foundation with an open mind and gave it a go.

Shade Range

To her, there wasn’t that much variety of shades to go with but they did succeed in the transition from light to dark and hoped that they should expand more of their range in the future.


The foundation is encased in a glass bottle. They did achieve a very boujee look to it since it uses a dropper applicator.


At first try, she decided that their make-up brushes work more properly than their beauty blender for application. The beauty blender soaks up much of the product which is quite a waste, to be honest. The product does smell quite strongly, in her words it wasn’t exactly an “unpleasant chemically scent” but it does dissipate after a few minutes.

Her friend recommended her to put on primer first before the foundation to get the best results and she tried it with a few Primers that she owns (Benefit Professional Primer, Too Faced Hangover Primer and the Smashbox Mattifying Primer) and found the product versatile and can work very well on a multitude of primers.

When applying, it’s better to do a slow and precise technique to achieve the amount of coverage you are going for. The foundation actually caked up a couple of times around her nose so she used a beauty blender to even it out.

In her final thoughts, she said the foundation gave her a full-coverage and dewy finish. It would take some time for her to get used to it since she’s used to having foundations with a matte finish. To sum it all up, it was a pretty nice foundation for her, but it was not something she’d be keen on using on a daily basis.

As for the price, would she spend $30 on this foundation? Or opt for other high-end brands such as Mac, Tarte, or Makeup Forever that have a pretty similar price range as well?

In her case, she’d bet her money on the latter, but added that it is generally up to the public to decide which particular brands of makeup fit their bill.

#2 Younique Mineral Liquid Foundation Review

By: Jane

This review comes from a Younique Presenter, who tries to give her unbiased review of the mineral liquid foundation. To be completely honest, she was not ecstatic when she first received it since she wasn’t a big fan of liquid foundations.

Right off the bat, she found the packaging pretty and sort of sophisticated to look at. It was encased in a small thick glass dropper bottle. Upon applying the product, she indicated that a little goes a long way. She also noted that it’s a must to shake the bottle before using it to avoid having the texture go all too oily.

With droplets of foundation over her face, she blends it in with her foundation brush and voila it gave her a flawless finish. The foundation is so light-weight yet gives excellent coverage. Although the price might be a bit daunting, she says a little goes a long way for this foundation to last.


#3 Review: Younique Mineral Liquid Foundation

By: thelifeofkristyn

From the get go, Younique Cosmetics has spurred plenty of mixed reviews. Their, as the author described, “pushy” way of marketing has frankly turned some people off. But in our author’s case, she took the route to review this make-up in her own terms and decided to give her honest review.

Coming from a person who has never used “mineral liquid foundation” before, the consistency of the product wasn’t something she was used to, and this is an opportunity for her to give it a shot and see how it applies on the skin. As it states from the website, it should leave about a powdery finish.

Going by its consistency, she initially thought it would be a total mess to apply but actually, it went quite well over her skin as it was easy to blend. The formula was feather-light on the skin and she barely felt like she was wearing a foundation. She mentioned how this was actually good if a person isn’t feeling up to wearing a lot of make-up.

Now for what she didn’t like, well, for starters she is a person who loves to have a full-coverage foundation. And this product just isn’t it. She even indicated that she had more coverage using a particular drug store makeup compared to this $47 Foundation.

The longer she wore it, the more she found the foundation breaking up on her face, which sets into the creases and fine lines. In the end, she wouldn’t personally purchase this product. Despite the light coverage, it was simply in the short end of the stick when it comes to how long it lasts on the skin.


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