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    Huawei’s David Wang Talks 10 Wireless Industry Trends in “Roads to Mobile 2030”

    During the 12th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF), Huawei Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of ICT Infrastructure Managing Board David Wang, delivered a keynote speech titled Roads to Mobile 2030: 10 Wireless Industry Trends, saying “Huawei has identified 10 wireless industry trends to define future-oriented wireless networks and prepare the industry for the Intelligent World 2030.” David Wang delivering a keynote speech at MBBF 2021 As he explained, by 2030, the digital and physical worlds will become deeply integrated, creating a near-real-life experience.…

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    Find your light with Hakubi White C, Japan’s Secret to Beaming Beauty

    Filipinas may now enjoy the wonders of J-beauty thanks to the arrival of Hakubi White C! SATO Pharmaceuticals, a Japanese health and beauty developer, worked with One Mega Group to launch Hakubi White C in the Philippines through an intimate virtual event last October 08, attended by beauty enthusiasts and the media. The Hakubi White C range, which includes Hakubi White C pills, Hakubi Q10 Cream, Hakubi BB Cream, and Hakubi White C Gel, uses Japanese skincare research to improve Filipina skin by showing radiant…

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    Hada Labo Lotion is that skincare product you need to get hydrated skin

    Following cleansing in Japanese skincare is applying lotion, which is not toner or astringent but an essence that is the first step toward hydrating your skin. The lotion is an essential aspect of Japanese skincare since well-moisturized skin is a canvas for other products such as moisturizers and cosmetics. When it comes to Japanese face creams, Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion is always at the top of my list. It has been the No. 1 Lotion in Japan for 14 years and perfectly symbolizes Hada Labo’s Perfect…

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    Badass K-heroines who’ll teach you to lift yourself up like a girl!

    No matter how ordinary our lives seem to be, we are the heroines in our own stories. Such is the inspiring narrative written in many K-dramas and perhaps is one of the many reasons for the genre’s enduring popularity. Whether intellectually or emotionally, no matter the age, K-drama fans relate so well with these fierce femmes on their favorite shows. With PLDT Home and Viu, Filipino Hallyu fans can connect more with their fave K-drama  heroines with no interruptions. PLDT Home offers unlimited access to…

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    Beko Launches SteamCure Hygiene+ to keep you clean and safe

    Beko Launches SteamCure Hygiene+ to keep you clean and safe

    Beko Pilipinas Corporation continues to rally behind the Filipino family in this pandemic by providing them with home appliance options that make their lives easier, healthier and safer.Beko- European Appliance Brand, recently hosted a virtual event to reiterate its commitment to hygiene and sanitation and present products Filipino consumers could use during the pandemic and beyond that.Having clean clothes, bed linens and towels that are free from viruses, bacteria, allergens and odor is very important these days and while doing the laundry is a laborious…

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    Google shares tips on teaching digital responsibility to kids

    Being with our children 24/7 does not guarantee being able to monitor all their activities, especially online. As they grow older, it is important for them to know how to use the internet safely and responsibly, especially when they’re on their own.   Here are some tips that can help parents and guardians in teaching digital responsibility to kids:    Teach them to think and act responsibly onlineThe Golden Rule applies in the digital world. Teach kids that if it’s something they wouldn’t say or…

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    HOW TO: Build your home gym + cost in the Philippines

    Build your home gym + cost in the Philippines (1)

    It’s always been a dream of mine to build my home gym. If you come to think of it, the cost of building your own gym at home is cheaper than gym memberships in the Philippines. I realized it a tad bit too late, only when the pandemic hit, and there was no way I’m satisfied with just bodyweight workouts alone. After doing home workouts, I’ve missed holding the barbell, squatting in a squat rack, and doing deadlifts with real plates. You can skip reading this…

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    RECIPE: Crispy COMBI ice cream parfait

    Hi everyone, it’s so nice of you to stumble upon here again. Geof, as well as a lot of kids worldwide has been stuck indoors for God knows how long. As parents, we should do our Their world might seem “small” but as parents, we should do our best to keep them happy and healthy 🙂 Who would’ve thought that an undomesticated momma like I am would post another recipe on my blog. This onle means one thing: Even the most “non-cook” can do this…

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