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    REVIEW: Love K-Derma Led Face Lift Wand

    REVIEW Love K-Derma Led Face Lift Wand

    Hey guys. Today I’ll be reviewing a modern skincare tool called the Love K-Derma Led Face Lift Wand. It’s similar to what those derma clinics use for expensive facials that promises clearer, brighter, smoother, and plumper skin. Only, instead of going outside, we can spoil ourselves in the same service at the comfort of our homes. When was the last time you availed a professional service from a skin clinic? Me? I think more than 2 years ago ever since the pandemic started. The constant…

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    HONEST REVIEW: Vitafusion Sleepwell Melatonin Gummies

    Vitafusion Sleepwell Melatonin Gummies

    It’s no secret that I am suffering from chronic sleep depravation, aka insomnia. I’ve been trying various sleep-aid supplements to help me get my daily dose of ZZZs. Some work, while some are just a waste of money. Today I’m reviewing Vitafusion Sleepwell Melatonin Gummies that has been, so far, effectively promotes a good night’s sleep.  How much? 650 php Where to buy? https://shp.ee/jck8gnv I discovered this product thanks to my friend Helen, who reviewed this on The Budol Group on Facebook.   Vitafusion Sleepwell Melatonin…

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    A better and stronger you in 2022

    Each time January rolls in, we tend to list down a new set of resolutions we all hope to apply the rest of the year, whether it’s to fall less for budols every month, lose the holiday weight, start eating healthy and being more physically active, or spending more quality time with family.  While some end up on the backburner after a few weeks, the most important ones pertaining to one’s health should always be a top priority, especially with the ongoing pandemic. A recent…

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    Savor Mexican fiesta on a plate with Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Chipotle Spicy Roast and Ribs

    It’s hot and fiery at Kenny Rogers Roasters as it lets diners experience savory and deliciously healthy food with the Chipotle Spicy Roast and Ribs, all set to make a comeback this January 2022! The go-to meal for all the adventurous food lovers who particularly enjoy a little kick to their food, each plate of the Chipotle Spicy Roast and Ribs brings in all the fiesta elements and vibrancy to the palate. The chicken and ribs are roasted and grilled to a perfect orange-golden brown with spices on the…

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    Manzanilla Oil: Uses, Benefits, and my Personal Experience

    Eons and eons of years ago, I remember having the worse stomachache of my life when I was 5, and I remember my Lola putting me comfortably to sleep by massaging Manzanilla Oil on my belly. The relaxing scent of Chamomile the warmth of the oil brings so many good memories. That’s why today, now that I’m a mother myself (and a segurista mom, mind you!), I keep a bottle in hand not just for tummy-aches but for instant calming relief for other discomforts as…

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    What should you read next? Books that made readers pause because it was too good

    What should you read next? I was chapter 6 on Six of Crows when I halted my reading. I began enjoying the world I’m immersed in, that the author created, and started appreciating each main character. It was too good I took long breaks before reading chapter by chapter. Have you ever felt so good about a book you purposely stopped because you don’t want it to end? Realizing this was a great way to find whether the book is worth reading or not (besides…

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    How to compute your calories for weight loss

    Now, I am not advocating extreme diets, nor am I currently practising weight loss. But there is much misinformation on the world wide web on losing weight that makes me worry for you guys. I saw many diet plans with excess calorie restrictions that can be quite unhealthy.  It’s pretty simple. Weight = Calories out + Calories in. Calories out mean the energy spent throughout the day, plus our Total Metabolic Rate (TMR), which is how our bodies spend energy even if we’re just sitting…

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    REVIEW: Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Mild Milk

    REVIEW: Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Mild Milk

    Looking for suncreen that’s perfect for sensitive skin? I gotchu! I’ve been using Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Mild Milk with SPF 50 PA+++ (ang haba lol) for the past 2 months and I’m already in-love. I began using sunscreen when I turned 18 because I swore to slow down skin aging without surgeries hehe.   It’s been a while since I shared a sunscreen on my blog, I think three years ago for Nivea UV Face Zero sticky feeling because it didn’t sting my eyes…

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