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    What’s New? Hada Labo—Japan’s No. 1 Facial Lotion, now in the Philippines

    Japanese skin care brand Hada Labo is known for providing intense hydration to the skin by harnessing the power of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a substance naturally occurring in the human body that attracts and binds water. Formulated with Japan’s upgraded formula and High Performance Penetration & Deep Moisturizing (HPP&M), Hada Labo actively infuses four types of HA to fully hydrate skin from surface to inner skin layers for significantly soft, smooth and supple skin, and to prepare skin for enhance absorption of skin care ingredients. Hada Labo will be bringing in its cult favorite, the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion, which combines different types and sizes of HA in the best…

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    Is Your Child Gifted? Promil 4’s Spot the Gift App Can Help You Find Out Your Child’s Potential

    Have you asked your child lately what he/she wants to be when they grow up? Do you record their milestones? Their interests? Are there days you wonder if your child is gifted? “Jop, what do you want to be when you grow up?“ I ask him. More often than not I get a non-chalant answer of “I don’t know yet mommy“.   Macho kid is a child of many talents and I believe all our children are. Since they are after all still kids, they need our guidance for direction. But where do we start? How do we know what are their strengths? Their gifts? Promil 4’s Spot The Gift…

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    Considering Switching to Using Menstrual Cups? Here’s everything you need to know

    I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite and claim I’m living sustainably 100%, but I do try what I can to somehow lessen the waste that I produce as a person. It all started with metal straws, then not asking for bags when shopping, then cloth pantyliner and reusable cotton pads. Until I finally mustered enough courage to try what I’m curious, but fearful of the most. Menstrual Cups Continue reading to learn more about using menstrual cups and why I’m a convert.   What is a Menstrual Cup? It is a  small, flexible cup is made of silicone or latex rubber. Instead of absorbing your flow, like a…

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    So.. I lost 5lbs in 30 days with the help of Keikoda Diet Supplement

    My title seems pretty straightforward eh? Before anyone makes a snide remark and goes on an anti-supplement remark. Let me tell you this. Sometimes, it’s difficult to fight the mind’s urges to binge. Not everyone has the same will power.  Most have to depend on supplements at the beginning of their weight loss journey, to living a healthier lifestyle.  Today I’ll be giving you an honest to goodness review on Keikoda Diet Supplement (Price: 2,000php/30 capsules). I’m wary when I take this. I’m not even obese levels but I never seem to reach my goals because of my.. SWEET TOOTH AND JUNK FOOD CRAVINGS I’ll get this into my head and…

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    I’m a fan of miniature sized version of my favorite products. Are you? That’s why when I spotted MAC Makeup Ready Skin Kit (Price: 35usd) on their counters I wanted to get one ASAP. But of course I had to sleep it over, around 3 nights before going back to buy it. I’m trying to control impulsive buys. So going back to minis. I love em because as someone who LOVES to try new things, I can’t seem to finish a full-sized. Ever. Since 2012. Can you relate? Review at the end of this post!   Product Description Get healthy, radiant skin and prolong your look with our essentials for a…

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    Lilo Little Locator Review | This might be the BEST Smartwatch for Kids

    Today I was feeling extra inspired to write this review for the Lilo Little Locator (Price: 3,990php) watch. Why? Just this morning macho kid sent me a couple of voice mails saying: “Mom! You forgot to include my art materials in my bag” “Mom, where did you put my tissue paper?” If he wasn’t wearing his Lilo Locator, I wouldn’t been able to rush back to school to get his missing items (yes. memory gap. signs of aging). I might have picked him up crying instead because of frustration (huhu) We all know that smartphones are not allowed in school, and since class started I banned him from using gadgets. So without further ado,…

  • Pet Friendly Restaurant in MOA The Paw Club
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    Pet Friendly Restaurant in MOA The Paw Club

    Looking for a pet friendly place to eat in MOA? I highly recommend The Paw Club. Last week, macho kid and I adopted a new kitty. We’ve always wanted a friend for teewee and luckily a friend of mine is having one of his persian cats adopted. We’re from Batangas and pets aren’t allowed in the bus so we had to wait for our sister in Mall of Asia and their van for a ride. We got the Conan the kitty at 1PM and had to wait until 8PM (sister was attending a cosplay event). Now where do we hang out? I’ve spent a couple of hours in Google to find…

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    PRICE LIST: Belo Medical Group Services

    I just won 10,000 worth of gift certificates from Belo Medical Group so I tried searching how much their treatments cost. I wasn’t shocked seeing how steep the prices were but a bit disheartened that I couldn’t maximize my winnings because 10,000 is a measly value vs their treatments. But if anyone’s still curious, here are Belo Medical Group Services Price List for the Acne and Underarm Treatments. Have you tried Belo? Which skin clinics do you frequently visit? UNDERARMS LIGHTENING TREATMENT –PICOSURE LASER– Minimum Price (underarms): Php 8,000.00 per session *Total cost will be provided by the doctor upon consultation Available in Greenbelt and Edsa Shangrila clinics The Picosure…

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    Easy Soft by World Balance are the Perfect Back to School Shoes for Kids!

    A couple of weeks from now and macho kid is back to school. Thank God I was able to do my mommy duties from enrollment to buying school school supplies, uniform, and bags. The last thing I always buy are school shoes. Why? I’m quite the picky mommy and I don’t settle for anything less.   If you’re going to ask me what I look for in a pair of back-to-school shoes, I can enumerate 4. They must possess the following qualities in no particular order: Budget-friendly Durable Comfortable Stylish   The Perfect Back to School Shoes for Kids Most of the time, because I prioritize durable, comfortable, and stylish shoes…

  • Lesofat vs Xenical
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    Lesofat vs Xenical | Which Fat Loss Pill is Better?

    Before we discuss which slimming pill is better, let’s talk about both of their main ingredient. Orlistat. As a disclaimer, I am not in anyway taking these pills as I do not need to lose a significant amount of weight. Healthy diet and exercise works perfectly fine for my physique. It was my mom and aunt who took Lesofat and Xenical because of of them are overweight. I asked permission to get their photos but unfortunately my request was declined. Of course they were shy. If you’re asking, yes they are still fat.   Lesofat Price: 795php/21 capsules Xenical Price: 940php/21 capsules    What is Lesofat/Xenical (Orlistat)? It is a gastrointestinal lipase…

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