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    Bipolar Diet: Natural remedies that helped manage my symptoms

    “Sleepless Saga”. This is what my friend, Mari, labeled the struggle that I’ve been experiencing since November last year. Well, thanks to medication and a proper diet I have somehow managed it. That is the what and why I’m sharing with you today. I’m currently on 100mg of Seroquel daily, and 200mg of Tegretol if we’re talking about prescription meds; but we’re also going to talk about foods that I eat and avoid, and supplements that I take that help me manage the symptoms of…

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    Where to find vegan restaurants and options in La Union

    Where to find vegan restaurants and options in La Union

    Hello! I am not vegan, but for my work as a journalist in Viable Earth, I’m a member of Manila Vegans. One of the posts share a list of vegan restaurants and restaurants with vegan options in La Union, Philippines. So if you’re a vegan and plan to travel in the area, here’s a list of places where you can dine. Credits to Lala Llanes of Manila Vegans for the list and information below   1. Buhay Gulay – vegan / vegetarian. super love their…

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    Taste of Australia: You can now find Aussie food and pantry favorites in the Philippines!

    Taste of Australia

    Hello everyone! I’m so glad you came to visit. You’re probably wondering what this post is all about. Just to give you a quick overview of what’s happening in my life lately. I’ve been working as a writer for an Australian news publication for several years now and most of the stories assigned to me are FOOD RELATED.  Can you imagine my cravings when I describe fizzy cocktails or creamy chocolates? Then I’ll wonder when or how I could get a taste of them myself.…

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    My Hyper fixation on Coco Ichibanya’s Chicken Curry

    Coco Ichibanya Chicken Curry

    This was supposed to be a review. But then I noticed something. Eating the same order, at the same restaurant, every week – is not normal. I’m not sure if this is a symptom of me having a bipolar disorder, but more often than not I get hyper fixeted on things every since I was little from owning pets, to buying the same thing in every color, and to eating the same food for a long time. Hyperfixation happens when you’re completely engrossed by something,…

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    nostalgia hits: Cindys’ shares yummy baked treats for everyone

    For food companies, making sure that customers enjoy their products through the years and through generations is the mandate – so they can continue to provide quality products that everyone enjoys. A well-known Filipino bakeshop, Cindys, is not an exception to this.  Cindys has the heart to relentlessly serve Filipinos high quality and affordable pastries and always be part of their great memories. The bakery is more determined to maintain the high quality it is known for by using only the best ingredients, employing the best techniques from…

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    Savor Mexican fiesta on a plate with Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Chipotle Spicy Roast and Ribs

    It’s hot and fiery at Kenny Rogers Roasters as it lets diners experience savory and deliciously healthy food with the Chipotle Spicy Roast and Ribs, all set to make a comeback this January 2022! The go-to meal for all the adventurous food lovers who particularly enjoy a little kick to their food, each plate of the Chipotle Spicy Roast and Ribs brings in all the fiesta elements and vibrancy to the palate. The chicken and ribs are roasted and grilled to a perfect orange-golden brown with spices on the…

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    Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

    Where to eat good food in Boracay? Hmm..Some of Boracay’s restaurants has set a new standard for my taste buds, and I miss them so. I’m confident in my recommendations because before going to the island I made sure to ask my friends who’ve been there, stayed there, and live there. Not only that, I scoured every review on TripAdvisor because I want our stay to be worth it. Good food makes a good vacation don’t you agree?   Where to Eat Good Food in…

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    Using Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce for Yummy Spag in 10 Minutes!

    Purefoods Slow Cooked Spaghetti Sauce - 7

    s If you’ve been following me on my blog and socials for a while now, you’d know this. I do try once in a while when time permits. But most of the time (pun not intended), it doesn’t. My schedule just doesn’t allow me to. That’s why I’m so excited to share my latest discovery, Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog!  I’ve been juggling working at home and taking care of my only son as a single parent. It’s not easy, I…

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