• Best Slimming Coffee Brands in the Philippines
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    Best Slimming Coffee Brands in the Philippines

    Slimming Coffees are all the rave these days. Amidst the pandemic scare, people are trying to find more and more ways to stay in shape. It’s been months since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown so there is little to no surprise that most of us might have put on a couple of pounds in the last few months. And let’s be honest;  We Filipinos love to eat. Which makes cutting back the calories all the more difficult to achieve; but can Slimming Coffees be the answer for our weight loss? How legit are they and can they really be trusted? Here is a list of the following slimming coffee…

  • GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!
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    GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!

    Hi there! I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon my review because you want to find out if Gluta Lipo Coffee is effective for weight loss, and you’re looking for something honest, real. I’ve always dabbled trying out “slimming” supplements not because I really need to shed a lot of weight. But because I’m constipated and bloated. I eat too many carbs and high sodium that makes me bloat, even if I’m not fat.    Enough about me, and let’s talk more about this product. Does it work? What are its ingredients? How much does it cost? Any side effects? If you’re lazy to read, you can go straight to my video…

  • Coronavirus: Bo’s Coffee puts safety, sanitation at the forefront as  it reopens its doors to patrons after ECQ lift
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    Coronavirus: Bo’s Coffee puts safety, sanitation at the forefront as it reopens its doors to patrons after ECQ lift

    One of the local businesses that are slowly re-opening their doors is Bo’s Coffee, the beloved Philippine-homegrown coffee chain. While the brand continues to serve through delivery and pick-up from few select locations, Bo’s Coffee is additionally preparing to slowly reopen their stores to the general public with extra safety and sanitary measures to make sure that their customers are in good hands. Here are the steps Bo’s Coffee is currently doing to make sure the security and sanitation of their stores for his or her customers and its store teams:   COVID-19 Safety Plan – How Bo’s Coffee is ensuring their customers are safe Sanitation Stations Among its current…

  • Fitmiss Delight Complete Protein Shake Review
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    Fitmiss Delight Complete Protein Shake Review

    I’ve been trying out low-lactose protein for the longest time. Not because I’m vegan, but because I get pimples from pure whey protein (except isolates). Today I’ll be reviewing the only vegan protein shake that tastes good. Honestly. I’ve tried A LOT and most rave reviews online are a bunch of lies. Most plant-based protein tastes like chalk, saw-dust, clumpy, and just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Surprisingly, Fitmiss Delight tastes good. Truth. What made this any different? Is this a good meal replacement? Read my honest to goodness review below   Product Description EAT LESS. FEEL FULLER. LOSE WEIGHT. Finally. A nutrition shake for women that satisfies…

  • Pritong Lechon by Lolo Pido | leftover lechon recipe
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    Pritong Lechon by Lolo Pido | leftover lechon recipe

    Hi everyone! Today will be the first recipe from my lolo’s unwritten recipes. His super yummy pritong lechon.  He’s one of the best cooks I know, and unfortunately, he’s lazy to write his recipes down. He does everything by tantsa (estimate) and gut-feel. But everything he makes is DELICIOUS. He’s turning 88 this 2020 after writing, and I want to IMMORTALIZE him via writing all his recipes on my blog (hopefully a BOOK!!!!) First and foremost, I am not a cook. I’m not your typical “domesticated” mommy. If I can remember everything he taught me, it’s because I always ask him how he makes them. Even if I had no plans…

  • Cooking for Valentines Day!
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    Cooking for Valentines Day!

    I am definitely not a cook. It’s usually my boyfriend who serves me (naks!) and prepares me yummy meals whenever I come and visit him. Even my son, macho kid knows this. All I can do is probably fry eggs, hotdogs, and chicken nuggets. Hahaha! But this Valentines day, I wanted to try something different. Nothing beats a gift made with effort. Yes. I’m cooking for my boyfriend this Valentines :} Ryan is a health-buff. He loves high protein and healthy. Luckily, the back of the Sarysarya Oyster Sauce has a simple, and easy-to-cook recipe that he’ll surely like. Ginisang Baguio Beans. Ginisang Bagiuo Beans Recipe Ingredients: 3 tbsp cooking…

  • My Experience on Different Fad Diets (Keto, IF, Recomp, Paleo, etc)

    My Experience on Different Fad Diets (Keto, IF, Recomp, Paleo, etc)

    From popular diet pills, healthy food deliveries, and different workout styles. Everyone has more or less, the same goal right? Build muscle, shed fat, get fit. One of the biggest factor in building the best body is DIET. But how do we know which ones really work and which ones don’t? Through trial & error. We are all different. We have different bodies, lifestyle, and sleeping habits. So it’s best to research and experiment to see what’s best for you (with doctor’s approval of course). Today I’ll be sharing with you all the fad diets I’ve tried through the years. So you can get insights not from a bodybuilder or competitor. But from…

  • Aji Savor on Rice - Kanin pa lang ulam na!
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    Aji Savor on Rice – Kanin pa lang ulam na!

    Gusto ko mag hoard tbh. Masarap talaga sya guys. Ito yung legit na kanin pa lang ulam na! Aji Savor on Rice! 5php lang! No-cook. Simply sprinkle on rice (hot or cool) Perfect sa mga tamad magluto kagaya ko or wants to add more excitement to their meals. Comes in tasty beef or yummy chicken, made with umami and nutritious ingredients like malunggay and toasted sesame seeds. Each serving also has 385mg of Calcium! AJI SAVOR™ ON RICE Inspired by Japanese Furikake, this product contains a blend of ready-to-eat dried umami food ingredients, like: malunggay leaves toasted sesame seeds meaty beef or chicken flavored granules Each pack can be conveniently…

  • MABE Microwave Review and Manual (MABE MEI2340DVSL SV)
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    MABE Microwave Review and Manual (MABE MEI2340DVSL SV)

    So last time I shared you a story on how Geof and I were ecstatic to get our MABE Refrigerator. You probably saw the photo that there was a Microwave oven beside it. Yup! We also got ourselves a MABE Microwave to start our little journey to independence.  It’s been a few months since then and it’s been nothing but a blessing for someone like me who’s got little interest in cooking (#realtalk) and just wants to re-heat her diet deliveries, or macho kid’s leftovers hahaha!   MABE MEI2340DVSL SV Specifications Color: Silver Capacity (L): 23 L Type (Mechanical/Digital): Digital Auto Defrost (Yes/No): Yes Unit Dimension (WxHxD): 485 x 284…

  • 8 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Still Drink Milk Everyday
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    8 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Still Drink Milk Everyday

    I am not a milk drinker. I only drink milk when mixed with chocolate or strawberry or melon. I cannot take it as it is. I had poor nutrition, sickly, underweight. Who else should I blame but the people who raised me? That’s why when I became a parent, and gave birth to macho kid, besides exclusively breastfeeding him for 2 years. I want him to drink milk regularly.    Why Is it important for children to drink milk everyday?   1. Milk Is Rich In Calcium Milk is one of the best sources of calcium that your kid can consume. It keeps your kid’s bones healthy and strong and…

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