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This is where I share my thoughts and experiences on being bipolar, how I cope, and other forms of self-care for my mental health and advocacy

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    Living With Parkinsons Disease

    The post is developed in partnership with BetterHelp. Mental health is an essential aspect of overall well-being, including emotional, psychological and social factors.  For people living with Parkinson’s disease, understanding its effect on mental health is crucial.  Just as Parkinson’s symptoms vary from person to person, so do mental health challenges. Many people with Parkinson’s disease experience no significant mental health concerns, while others may struggle with depression, anxiety, psychosis or cognitive issues.  Mental health conditions often show up as non-motor symptoms and can affect…

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    How To Know If You Need Therapy

    The post is developed in partnership with BetterHelp. Life throws us curveballs – stress, anxiety, mood swings – that can knock us off balance. While most of us manage to bounce back, there are times when we might need extra support. Recognizing when to seek therapy can be the first step toward protecting your mental well-being. But how do you know when it’s time to consider therapy?  Let’s explore some key signs and steps to help you make that decision. Here’s what you need to…

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    Empowering Yourself To Manage Your Stress

    The post is developed in partnership with BetterHelp. If you’ve ever felt like your life is rushing by, and you’re merely a spectator, you’re certainly not alone.  In fact, many of us sometimes feel we’re just going with the flow in our lives, with no real say in how the future pans out. We’re just hanging on, pushing through one stressful encounter to the next. But you can change that. Taking controlTaking ownership of your life is more than just a nice, pretty phrase –…

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    Supporting Mental Health In The LGBTQ+ Community

    The post is developed in partnership with BetterHelp. People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ+) face unique mental health challenges that often are more pronounced than those of the general population.  But why is this the case? Let’s delve into the factors at play here. Exploring unique life experiencesMany LGBTQ+ individuals have experienced situations that left them feeling uncomfortable or unwelcome. Whether it’s facing discrimination, sexism or violence, these experiences can take a toll on mental well-being.  Imagine being constantly surrounded…

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    How To Survive Infidelity With Your Mental Health Intact

    The post is developed in partnership with BetterHelp. When one romantic partner breaches the trust of the other, it sends shockwaves through the relationship, causing instability and emotional turmoil. Infidelity is a betrayal that cuts deep, leaving wounds that can be slow to heal. And, unfortunately, it occurs all too often – by some estimates, between 20 and 25 percent of marriages and up to 75 percent of dating relationships are touched by infidelity. The emotional fallout from discovering a partner’s cheating can be overwhelming,…

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    REVIEW: Loop Quiet – noise reducing earplugs (finally, sleep!)

    REVIEW Loop Quiet - noise cancelling earplugs (27 dB)

    Hello everyone! Today, I would like to share with you one of my best Lazada purchases this year: the LOOP Quiet Earplugs. Thanks to these earbuds, I can finally sleep well, as I don’t hear the chickens crowing every morning anymore (in addition to the bipolar medications prescribed by my doctor). These earbuds are perfect if you have noisy neighbours, dogs, or someone who likes to sing karaoke next door, if your apartment is near a noisy road, etc. The Loop Quiet Earplugs cost 1,095…

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    Exercise more effective than medicines to manage mental health, says research

    The University of South Australia researchers are calling for exercise to be a mainstay approach for managing depression as a new study shows that physical activity is 1.5 times more effective than counselling or the leading medications. Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the review is the most comprehensive to date, encompassing 97 studies, 1039 trials and 128,119 participants. It shows that physical activity is extremely beneficial for improving symptoms of depression, anxiety, and distress. Specifically, the review showed that exercise interventions that were…

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    Bipolar Diet: Natural remedies that helped manage my symptoms

    “Sleepless Saga”. This is what my friend, Mari, labeled the struggle that I’ve been experiencing since November last year. Well, thanks to medication and a proper diet I have somehow managed it. That is the what and why I’m sharing with you today. I’m currently on 100mg of Seroquel daily, and 200mg of Tegretol if we’re talking about prescription meds; but we’re also going to talk about foods that I eat and avoid, and supplements that I take that help me manage the symptoms of…

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