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    A simple guide to gentle parenting

    As poet and philosopher Rumi once eloquently said, “raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” Parenting is a challenging journey, and the truth is that nobody has everything figured out. One parenting style might suit others best, and some might favor other methods. However, children respond better to a calm demeanor, so it’s best to avoid dealing with them with anger. Gentle parenting is a transformative style that can help you raise confident, independent, and, most importantly, happy…

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    Glow up: Korean skincare made fuss-free with iWhite Korea Acne+

    Blemish-free skin, clear skin, baby skin— call it whatever you like, good skin is always something to be desired. While not everyone is blessed with good genetics, patience and consistency with your skin care can bring a lot of wonders in the long run.  For those new to the world of skincare, and even for the seasoned ones, putting together a routine that fits your needs can be quite intimidating and challenging with so many things to consider, so many ingredients to know about, and…

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    These plushies from Smiles and Cheeks are the cutest must-haves for your kiddos!

    When the pandemic first broke out in 2020, uncertainty and fear took over a lot of people’s minds. The feeling of loneliness slowly came around and it eventually led to thoughts of wondering if this nightmare would ever even end. Although bad news came one after the other, a lot of people, as well as small and big companies, still did their best to help in any way they could.  One of these was Smiles&Cheeks, a start-up that was created by Abigail Vy to spread…

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    Is Black Panther: Wakanda Forever worth watching? A no-spoiler review

    Shuri Naia Wakanda Forever

    I can remember vividly the very first Marvel movie I saw on the big screen. It was Iron Man and it was marvel-ous. Nearly more than 10 years since then the comic book company evolved into a gigantic cinematic universe where it gets to translate stories once were just drawn on paper to live action. Each hero has its own “signature style” in cinema. Iron-man action, Thor action-comedy, Antman heist, Spider-man a coming-of-age flick – you get my drift. Now here come’s Black Panther. The…

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    REVIEW: Red Mi A1 (unboxing, features,pros, cons, sample photos)

    Hi guys! It’s been a while since I did a tech review. Today, we’ll be unboxing and reviewing the new Red Mi A1 from Xiaomi, an amazingly affordable phone that has great specs for its price of PHP 4,999 (introductory price of PHP 3,999 wow!) WHERE TO BUY: Xiaomi on Lazada Having a mobile phone on-hand is already a must-have in today’s society. When years ago it could only do text messages or calls, now it can connect us to anyone, anywhere! From social media to…

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    Beko Sends Love This Christmas, Shares Upcoming Plans For 2023

    The year 2022 has been a big one for Beko in the Philippines as the European appliance brand marked many milestones, most notable of which is the launch of pro mom, actress, cook, and content creator Judy Ann Santos its first ambassador in the country as she embodies the brand’s drive and purpose to inspire people to live healthy and sustainable lifestyles. As everything slowly but surely transitioned back to normal in the country and the rest of the world, Beko offered its Filipino customers…

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