• Brilliant Skin - Rejuvenating Set Review
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    Brilliant Skin – Rejuvenating Set Review

    Brilliant Skin Rejuvenating Facial Set is used for the treatment and prevention of severe cases of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads by penetrating pores to reduce break-outs, eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and remove dead skin cells. It whitens dark spots, blemishes, and other discoloration such as freckles, and age spots to achieve younger-looking skin. Precaution: Test the skin for sensitivity to the product prior to use. If no allergies occur, you may start using the product. In case of severe redness and itchiness, refrain from using the product.  Avoid excessive sun exposure. It is best to use Brilliant Skin Sunblock Cream SPF 30 or Sunblock Gel SPF 30 while undergoing exfoliation to…

  • #StayStrongStayBeautiful with Watsons
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    #StayStrongStayBeautiful with Watsons

    Life today truly comes with its challenges. But with these challenges, also comes an opportunity for us to take better care of ourselves, and that starts with being prepared and keeping our guards up. As you adjust to a new way of life, Watsons is here by your side. Read on for some tips and recommendations on how we can all stay strong, stay beautiful, during these times. Stay Protected – It has become a habit for almost all of us to never go outside without our masks. But we must also practice protection at home. Keep your body clean with products from Safeguard and Dove that not only protects…

  • 5 Reasons to Use Your Credit Card More
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    5 Reasons to Use Your Credit Card More

    Many Filipinos are skeptical, sometimes even downright unwilling to get and use a credit card. However, the credit card horror stories you hear from your friends and family are the exception and not the norm. Indeed, there are a lot of advantages to using a credit card; Philippines-based consumers just need to be smart about it. The idea is to always pay on time and pay in full whenever you can. This way, you can fully enjoy the rewards of using your credit card more often. That being said, below are just five among the many reasons you should use your credit card more.   Enjoy the Benefits of Going…

  • Aviche Wearable Air Purifier Review + how do air purifiers work?
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    Aviche Wearable Air Purifier Review + how do air purifiers work?

    The COVID-19 scare got people doing all sorts of things to protect themselves. From wearing face masks, using led lamps, inhaling steam, gargling salt to wearing portable air purifiers. I told myself, that if this product doesn’t show any significant effects. I won’t review it. Why should I? There is mixed feedback online on air purifiers. Some even calling it hoax or placebo. But before anything else let me tell you this: There is no scientific evidence that wearing a portable air purifier would protect you from the Coronavirus. However, there is also no harm in wearing one for an additional layer of protection. Don’t expect this to veil you with immunity…

  • How one fitness coach is thriving amid the Coronavirus outbreak
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    How one fitness coach is thriving amid the Coronavirus outbreak

    On rare occasions, I like to feature key people from different industries. Especially those who are known experts in their field. Today is a topic that’s close to my heart. My website and social media account names are based on it. FITNESS.  Since the Coronavirus moved the fitness industry to a halt. With lockdowns, quarantines, and regulations. Gyms and workout facilities have been shutting down left and right. Like most “non-essential” businesses, only those who are strong enough to adapt will survive.  We are not going to talk about business. We are going to talk about the heart of the industry. Our coaches. The people who support us and teach us…

  • GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!
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    GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!

    Hi there! I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon my review because you want to find out if Gluta Lipo Coffee is effective for weight loss, and you’re looking for something honest, real. I’ve always dabbled trying out “slimming” supplements not because I really need to shed a lot of weight. But because I’m constipated and bloated. I eat too many carbs and high sodium that makes me bloat, even if I’m not fat.    Enough about me, and let’s talk more about this product. Does it work? What are its ingredients? How much does it cost? Any side effects? If you’re lazy to read, you can go straight to my video…

  • Why Taiwan's response to the Coronavirus is one of the best in the world
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    Why Taiwan’s response to the Coronavirus is one of the best in the world

    Taiwan implements effective measures in containing the spread of Covid-19. No wonder, it has gained global recognition as one of the few countries that successfully control the continues threat of the Corona virus. Now that most countries ease down the quarantine, Taiwan has long been back to living the new normal. Such pioneering act is attributed to the national government’s quick and efficient response to the global pandemic. Early on, the Taiwanese government’s response to health crisis in the country has been successfully implemented thru timely and reliable programs delivered through humorous, relaxed and emphatic ways.One of Taiwan’s current initiatives is the #WeBeatTheChallengeTogether.  It aims to promote discipline, cooperation and…

  • REVIEW: Puritan's Pride C-1000mg
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    REVIEW: Puritan’s Pride C-1000mg

    Even before this pandemic even started, macho kid and I always made it a point to take Vitamin C. Although he takes Celeen Plus with Zinc, while I, take whatever is available or want to try. Most of the time, I buy those generic ascorbic acids available at the drugstore (Rhea). But I wanted to feel fancy recently and got myself a bottle of Puritan’s Pride C-1000mg with Rosehips (time-released) Price: 859/100 tablets Where to buy? Puritan’s Pride Philippines We all know vitamin C is one of the best vitamins that boost the immune system. But did you know, that our body is not capable of producing it? Humans lack the ability…

  • #TikTokU - Educational Content on Tiktok?
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    #TikTokU – Educational Content on Tiktok?

    TikTok will officially launch its learning-centric campaign to empower users with knowledge through short-form videos on May 25. The #TikTokU Program aims to bring learning straight to everyone’s smartphones for users to gain access to practical tips and up-to-date knowledge, all from talented creators in the Philippines. With the platform’s diversified content, users are provided with a library of educational videos ready for consumption within a minute or less. This creates the perfect opportunity to convert those idle time of in-betweens into productive learning moments. Learning a new language, a quick art and crafts tutorial, or trivial things has never been this fun and easy. Learning a new language: https://www.tiktok.com/@showsuzuki/video/6820648029171830018…

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