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    Beat Holiday Rush and Find Unique Christmas Gift Ideas at Healthy Options

    It’s an annual struggle. Thinking of what gifts to give the special people in our lives without making them feel “generic”. But at the same time we don’t have ample schedule to plan out everything. Well, I’ve got amazing news for all of us. Last week, we were given a special sneak peek at their Holiday Gift Baskets and Holiday Gift Sets. I was overwhelmed with the entire selection of products available! You can practically stay here and find the perfect gift for every type of person for whatever budget you have at Healthy Options. Without the headache! Haha! It’s no secret that Christmas is the season of indulgence, especially as…

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    MABE Personal Refrigerator and Tips to keep it Running Efficiently

    Okay guys. It’s been officially over a month since macho kid and I moved into a new apartment. We’re finally out from living with my mom and life as an independent family (mother and son tandem hehe)     Along with moving out, is arriving to a bare space. Our new home wasn’t furnished at all and we need to fill in the essential furniture and appliances so it’s live-able. My top priorities? Bed, stove, cabinets, microwave oven, and a refrigerator.   The last one is a MUST because everyone needs a ref to keep their leftovers, packed meals, jop’s fresh milk and such.    What do I look for…

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    Babywearing Philippines honors ancient Filipino babywearing practices in International Babywearing Week 2019 celeb

    Manila, Philippines – On October 13, Babywearing Philippines will lead at least 200 Filipino babywearing families nationwide to honor and celebrate the ancient practice of babywearing in the Philippines.   Babywearing Philippines is the 60,000-strong not-for-profit online support community on Facebook that advocates safe and proper babywearing among Filipino families all over the world.   Following the global theme, “Continuing the Tradition”, Babywearing Philippines is joining the worldwide babywearing community in celebrating International Babywearing Week in a one-day event at the Atrium of Eastwood Mall in Quezon City.   Babywearing is essentially carrying babies and small children in slings or carriers. Wearing a baby is actually a centuries-old practice in various…

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    VICE Gandoll Brow Kit Review (Soft Brown) + trying to impove my time management skills

    Some life updates before I review Vice Gandoll Brow Kit in Soft Brown? FINALLY. I had the motivation, inspiration, and energy (lol) to write! Honestly speaking fam, I have poor time management skills and ever since I took that job as a marketing exec, my schedule went haywire. From full-time blogger + content creator To full-time employee + full-time mommy + full-time content creator WHELP! I downloaded a Pomodoro app on Google Play and it seems to be working.  30 minutes focus work 5 minutes break 15 minutes break after 30 minutes x 3 Until I get the job done or my shift ends Now it’s night time, Geof is…

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    Activities for Kids: Get a FREE Pop-Up Theater Kit for Every Purchase of Promil 4

    Have you checked your child’s results using the Spot the Gift tool already? If not I urge you to do so right now! As in, right now. Promil 4 has an on-going promo where you get a FREE Pop-Up Theater Kit for ever purchase of a 1.8kg Promil Four (select stores nationwide)   Our Pop-Up Theater Playtime! Macho kid’s results? Spatial relations, Linguistic, and Naturalist   We were so excited to set-up the pop-up theater only to happily discover that it’s already ready to use! No assembly required!   It even comes with a working magnifying glass and 3d-glasses for more fun!   How did we play? With Geof’s natural linguistic skills and…

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    5 Reasons Why EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain is one of the best ever (Fresh Fig)

    Mabuhay! It’s another day for a makeup review! This time we’re featuring EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain in Fresh Fig. Yes you heard that right, we’re reviewing the classier sister of Very Red.  This product deserves to get the popularity because despite the affordable price, it’s actually one of the best cheek tints I’ve tried. EVER. This includes products from low-end, mid-end, high-end, and even lux levels! Luma-lux level charot! Why is this my all time fave cheek tint?   Product Description EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain is a makeup tint used to add color to your lips and cheeks. This is a two-in-one product that gives that ‘just…

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    LOOK: Where to Eat in The Outlets at Lipa? My Batangas Streat Fair Foodcrawl Experience

    I’m not sure if all of my readers know already, that macho kid and I reside in the beautiful city of Lipa, Batangas. We’ve decided to stay here for many reasons: Less traffic/commute More trees! Cooler climate Relatively peaceful vs the Metro GOOD FOOD From local cuisines like Lomi or Gotong Batangas, to international ones like Korean BBQ or Japanese. Everything’s here already and we don’t need to go out of our way to satisfy our foodie cravings. In fact, you guys should visit us here to try our delicious cuisines!   This is what my post is all about. My recent gastronomic experience during the #BatangaStrEATs Fair. Organized by The…

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    Writing About Writer’s Block | Tips and Tricks to Overcome Your (Our) Struggle

    The great Charles Bukowski once said: “It’s better to write about writer’s block than write nothing at all” and this is what I’m doing today. Who knows? It’s been WEEKS really. Writer’s block can happen to anyone. You can even call it Blogger’s Block. I searched a few tips here and there, and sharing my own. Who knows, maybe it can help someone stuck, struggling with writing,  just like me. Pardon the lack of highfalutin words, or if my sentences miss a few punctuation, or my grammar has turned into a nasty pile of mush. Because I’m suffering from writer’s block, and my brain is trying to squeeze out the…

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    REVIEW: Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF50+ PA++++

    Before I write my review, I made sure I put in, and applied Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence generously on my face, neck, arms, and the rest of the visible parts of my body. I am obsessed with sunscreen. My friends know this. You all should know this by now. I’m obsessed because I know for a fact that the sun’s UV rays is the primary cause of wrinkles and aging. I know for a fact that the sun’s UV rays is the primary cause of wrinkles and aging. My quest for the perfect sunblock would never stop. Won’t stop. Can’t stop. So far, the best sunscreen in terms of price…

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    BeautyLabo Cherry Pink Review | Demo and How-To Included!

    I’ve been wanting to change my default blonde color for the longest time! However I don’t have time to go to the salon. So happy that I discovered BeautyLabo Hair Color in Cherry Pink. It’s THE perfect shade that I want to get! So easy to use! Even for someone who’s as clumsy as I am! WATCH FULL VIDEO for Demo, Review, and How-to 🙂 VLOG PHOTOS   FIND AND FOLLOW:https://www.instagram.com/beautylabowhipphilippines/ #Beautylabo#Beautylabophilippines#Beautylabowhipphilippines#Beautylabowhip Thanks for watching my video. I make videos for fun so only positivity and love will be allowed here. Negative users will be blocked. Let’s keep YOUTUBE a friendly place. Love lots,www.themachomom.com

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