• 8 Feel Good Netflix Series Worth Binging
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    8 Feel Good Netflix Series Worth Binging

    When I get depressed (I’m bipolar-2) and it lingers longer than a week, months even; I resort to binge-watching to distract myself from the depths of darkness. What to avoid? Rom-coms, Drama, War movies. They definitely trigger. Suspense and horror are also recommended but I don’t prefer. So today I’ll be sharing with you my favorite 8 Feel Good Netflix Series Worth Binging! Whenever a friend, or a reader suffering from depression sends me a message on-line and asks for advice. I always tell them to See a specialist (psychiatrist) right away Talk to a friend Distract yourself and the easiest and simplest way to get over is to binge-watch…

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    8 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Still Drink Milk Everyday

    I am not a milk drinker. I only drink milk when mixed with chocolate or strawberry or melon. I cannot take it as it is. I had poor nutrition, sickly, underweight. Who else should I blame but the people who raised me? That’s why when I became a parent, and gave birth to macho kid, besides exclusively breastfeeding him for 2 years. I want him to drink milk regularly.    Why Is it important for children to drink milk everyday?   1. Milk Is Rich In Calcium Milk is one of the best sources of calcium that your kid can consume. It keeps your kid’s bones healthy and strong and…

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    Fitness Plan for Busy Moms that Worked for Me

    It’s been a few years since I’ve written my “Project Sexy Program” from my old blog kikaysikat.com. Inspite of the occasional donuts and milk tea, on weird days. I keep on coming back to this nutrition and workout plan and so far it gave me the best body I’ve ever achieved so far. Learning never stops and I think I’ll be reading my own article from time to time!  I’m sure it will get better when I get the discipline to strictly follow my macros! But UGH MILK TEA and SAMGYUPSAL IS LIFE T_T #ironies #temptations Please follow me on instagram: @themachomom   Nutrition – Lean Gains To summarize, lean…

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    Considering Switching to Using Menstrual Cups? Here’s everything you need to know

    I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite and claim I’m living sustainably 100%, but I do try what I can to somehow lessen the waste that I produce as a person. It all started with metal straws, then not asking for bags when shopping, then cloth pantyliner and reusable cotton pads. Until I finally mustered enough courage to try what I’m curious, but fearful of the most. Menstrual Cups Continue reading to learn more about using menstrual cups and why I’m a convert.   What is a Menstrual Cup? It is a  small, flexible cup is made of silicone or latex rubber. Instead of absorbing your flow, like a…

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    Best Vitamin C Supplement According to Your Needs

    I am not a doctor but all I can do is share my experience with brands I have tried. I categorized them to suit most types of people. Vitamin C has many benefits, from strengthening our immune system, building collagen, even skin lightening but with several brands out in the market. Which is right for me?     Recommended VITAMIN C FOR THE THRIFTY Nagtitipid ka ba? (Are you trying to save money?) Then this brand is perfect for you. It only costs .80 cents per tablet and I think you can purchase it at 100s for more or less a hundred pesos (2 USD) and each tablet is already a…

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    Best Products to Lighten Dark Underarms

    I’m sure one of the biggest frustrations of most people is having dark underarms. There are a lot of products in the market that targets this issue but which ones work and which ones doesn’t? The list on this page seeks to help and answer your questions! If you’ve got a product in mind, do let me know in the comments section below so we can try!   Underarm Lightening Product Reviews The products listed below is in no particular order. REVIEW: Kojie San Sleeveless Ready Lightening Deodorant REVIEW: Avon Feelin Fresh Quelch 4-in-1 Whitening Anti-Persperant Deodorant Cream REVIEW: Gluta-C Whitening Deodorant Review REVIEW: Milcu Roll-On Deodorant REVIEW: Human Heart Nature…

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    Effective Scar Removal: Contratubex vs Dermatix

    Scars. Almost everyone has it, and each scar has its own story. But what if we want to make it appear less visible. Most scars cause shame and embarrassment to most people causing deep seated insecurities.  I’ve been receiving a lot of messages that ask me what is an effective product to fade scars. So today we’re going to do a comparison review of Contratubex and Dermatix. Which scar remover is effective? Which product is a waste of hard-earned cash?   Contratubex What is it?You can start the treatment with Contractubex® as soon as the wound is closed or the stitches have been removed. The transparent gel contains active ingredients that…

  • Insurance Plans and Investments
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    Where Should I Invest My Money? | On Insurance Plans and Investments

    Don’t worry. I’m not here to sell you products or services. I’m not even going to claim I’m a financial expert. I’m just here writing my views and personal experience on investments. To give you a point of view from a real person’s perspective, not from sales. There’s a lot of things I regret doing, and not doing during my early 20’s. One of which is not saving as much as I should. To be honest during my early years of working I had: zero savings negative credit poor budget decisions I shopped like there’s no tomorrow. Maxed out my credit cards. Purchased things I wanted but never really need. Clothes,…

  • Gym Membership Rates & Reviews in the Philippines
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    Gym Membership Rates & Reviews in the Philippines (2019)

    A few years ago on my old blog,  I made an extensive review on the most popular gyms in the Philippines. I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries regarding gym membership rates in gym clubs in the Philippines. I consolidated all the information you need since people wants to be spoonfed nowadays. Enjoy!   Popular Gyms in the Philippines For details on their rates and membership, just scroll until the end of this post! Anytime Fitness GI Joe Fitness (details to follow) Fitness Express (details to follow) Fitness First Golds Gym Slimmers World     Anytime Fitness One time joining fee: 1,000 PesosKey Fob: 2,500 Pesos  (yes guys, this high-tech equipment is expensive…

  • Best Collagen Supplement Products & Reviews
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    THE TOP: Best Collagen Supplement Products & Reviews

    Ever since I hit the big 3-0, and inspite of putting on sunscreen everyday. I became more obsessed with keeping my face and body as young as possible. Age is just a number right? With that in mind, they say our Collagen production depletes as we grow older. That’s why taking supplements does help in slowing down the aging process.  Over the years I’ve tried A LOT of products. From tablets, capsules, to drinks! Which one works, which ones doesn’t? Find out by reading my individual review listed below in chronological order.   What is Collagen? Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It is the major component of connective…

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