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    COVID-19: Children’s Mental Health Matters Too

    COVID-19: Children's Mental Health Matters Too

    "The pandemic has been difficult, especially for kids who already struggle with depression and anxiety," says Brooke Gomez, LPC, a clinical therapist at Children's Health℠. "One of the things we advocate for mental health is reaching out, socializing and leaning on a social support system. But because of COVID-19, now we're telling families to do the opposite and stay socially distanced, to protect their physical health."

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    HBD 34

    HBD 34

    People usually say that as they grow older, birthdays and celebrations have less meaning. That's not the case for me. I woke up with my son's greeting "Happy Birthday Mommy!" and I was excited to spend my day than ever.

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    How’s your head? – R-18 Rant

    How's your head? - R-18 Rant

    h”Haven’t had any complaints!” as the common line on RPDR (Ru Paul’s Drag Race) always say. But kidding aside, my head is not okay. I can’t even post a rant on FB because I got muted. Why? Because I was posting rants against the incompetency of the government left and right. Well, not just rant. I was cursing, saying death threats. Wishing death against other human beings (as evil they may be).  How’s your head? The past few months were a road to recovery. I thought…

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    Lolo and His Frank Sinatra Concert Memory – Quick Story

    Lolo and His Frank Sinatra Concert Memory - Quick Story

    I need to write this down to get this story out of my mind. It keeps on running. This is a true story by the way. Kwento ng lolo ko paguwi nila from the concert.     I forgot what year it was pero nag concert si Frank Sinatra dito sa Pilipinas. My lolo is a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE fan. So nung nalaman nya, inaya nya kaagad si lola to go there. Unfortunately, hindi sila nakabili ng ticket (not sure kung sold out, or…

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    Nothing excites me anymore? An “old” blogger’s frustration.

    Nothing excites me anymore? An "old" blogger's frustration.

    Totally random. But I just had to write this one down. My feelings.  I was scrolling around my social media feed, enjoying what I was seeing. Friends posting their new finds, whether food, beauty product or even gadgets. I used to be that person. My eyes sparkled and lightbulbs flash over my head whenever I found something that excites me. A new milk tea flavor?! That cute lippie with a sparkling pink tube??! A trending makeup look?! The latest makeup collab collection?! But now, my…

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    I got fat.

    I got fat.

    That’s it. That’s the post. I got fat.  Sometimes I even wonder if anyone still reads my blog even if it’s not a “how-to” guide or a product review. Over the past few days (weeks even). I’ve been occupied trying to make a living and trying to make something out of my life. Just like the rest of us. I finally got a couple of jobs that don’t make me pull my hair out of my scalp, albeit they don’t pay as much. But it’s…

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    Snippets of Sanity – My first published book!

    Snippets of Sanity

    I really hope there’s a follow-up to this one. I’ve always dreamed of being an author, and that dream has finally become a reality thanks to Ukiyoto publishing. Snippets of Sanity is a compilation of some of my favourite stories that I’ve shared on my blog (plus bonus content!).  My Childhood Dream I had a lot of dream careers when growing up. At 5 I wanted to become a scientist. At 6 I wanted to become president of the Philippines. At 10 I wanted to…

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