• I don't think it's gonna get better anytime soon, and I'm scared
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    I don’t think it’s gonna get better anytime soon, and I’m scared

    It’s been more than 100 days since our lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and we’re getting left behind by most of our countries. It doesn’t even matter if they’re 1st world or 3rd world. What matters if their leaders care enough to do something, just a little bit for their countrymen. I’m sorry. Don’t expect any inspirational, motivational, or uplifting words from this post. There won’t be any. This is just me writing the shit out of my brains out because I couldn’t get any sleep and I just have to vomit all the words through prose.  Despair. That’s what I’m feeling right now. I’ll just list all my…

  • Parents, admit you're wrong
    Personal Musings

    Parents, admit you’re wrong

    While I always admit to my child if I make mistakes. Today’s case was particularly special. A stupidity so huge it affected the entire neighborhood I accused someone of stealing.   The story of the missing phone We’re still on lockdown and all laundromats are still closed. This is one of the few things I learned on quarantine. Handwashing and drying clothes outside. Honestly, it was one of my favorite chores. Seeing the soiled shirts, towels, sheets, fresh and clean again. The sun naturally killing the bacteria and drying the fabric. This morning, after finishing my favorite chore, I went inside ready to watch the newest episode of Ru Paul’s…

  • Kwentong Pilipino Podcast:  Bedtime stories for kids!
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    Kwentong Pilipino Podcast: Bedtime stories for kids!

    I’m not sure if I’ve told you this already. But I’ve been telling bedtime stories to macho kid since he was 6 years old. He was the one who asked me to. “Mom, can you tell me a story?” I would of course, warmly comply. Macho kid is growing up, and soon enough he would be too old to listen to my stories. That’s why I started a new podcast called Kwentong Pilipino. It’s a weekly podcast for kids (or adults), that’s all about stores for bed time.  Stories are based on famous Filipino tales, fables, myths, and legends.    Episode 1 – Si Pagong at si Matsing For the very…

  • Working from Home (with kids and no nanny)
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    Working from Home (with kids and no nanny)

    Hi there! I’m writing this post as a supplementary guide for my talk on Lazada Live week. We’re still under lockdown as of writing, and businesses are now restructuring their strategy for the future. Digital is no longer the future, it is the present. If you want your business to thrive, you need to adapt to the changes of the time.  One of the perks of going digital is having your employees to work from home. I’m an employee, consultant, and owner. I’ve quit my day job since 2015 and have been working from home for 5 years now.  Plot twist: I’m a single parent, who takes care of my…

  • Coronavirus: Little things I looked forward to during lockdown
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    Coronavirus: Little things I looked forward to during lockdown

    Today we’ll focus a bit on the positive. As much as I felt shitty in the past few weeks. It’s been over a month since the coronavirus lockdown here in the Philippines that began March 15, 2020. I’m naturally an introvert, so surviving this should be relatively easy. Surprisingly it ain’t. There are days where I meltdown, break down and throw fits. Nights where I couldn’t sleep and had to temporarily rely on sleep supplements like Calm Tabs or Melatonin.  The feeling that you’re stuck in limbo. Feel me? While I was talking to my beloved this afternoon, I told him a few things I looked forward to during lockdown. That…

  • Pritong Lechon by Lolo Pido | leftover lechon recipe
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    Pritong Lechon by Lolo Pido | leftover lechon recipe

    Hi everyone! Today will be the first recipe from my lolo’s unwritten recipes. His super yummy pritong lechon.  He’s one of the best cooks I know, and unfortunately, he’s lazy to write his recipes down. He does everything by tantsa (estimate) and gut-feel. But everything he makes is DELICIOUS. He’s turning 88 this 2020 after writing, and I want to IMMORTALIZE him via writing all his recipes on my blog (hopefully a BOOK!!!!) First and foremost, I am not a cook. I’m not your typical “domesticated” mommy. If I can remember everything he taught me, it’s because I always ask him how he makes them. Even if I had no plans…

  • You Decide ❤️
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    You Decide ❤️

    An unhealed person can find offence in pretty much anything someone does. A healed person understands the action of others has absolutely nothing to do with them. Each day you get to decide which one you will be. -Unknown

  • WALANG FOREVER 👏 (merong everyday)
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    WALANG FOREVER 👏 (merong everyday)

    Madaming nagugulat when I post me and Ryan’s photo paminsan minsan. Sa feed or sa stories. Kayo pala?! Apparently yes. Kailan pa? Hindi ko na alam exact date pero since 2016 Wala kaming monthsary.Wala kaming anniversary.We don’t celebrate valentine’s or birthdays. Baka nga matagal pa bago ako magpost ng ganito ulit, maybe yes, maybe never. Kasi #walangforever Bakit? We celebrate each other’s company every single day. We support each other’s passion and success. Pero we are there for each other in times of struggles and sadness. This is not a romantic post. I had my share of stupidity and heartaches. Nung kabataan ko kasi I had this “glorified illusion of love”…

  • Everybody Dies, so Why Bother?
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    Everybody Dies, so Why Bother?

    As I scroll down my social media timelines, I see my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances writing their year-end/decade-end essays. I wanted to go on a different path and convince myself I didn’t need to write one. Who gives a shit about reading mine anyway? LOL But here I am, doing the opposite. First of all, I want to say how proud I am of YOU. Yes YOU, the one reading my post. Despite all of the hardships, turmoils, and challenges that came you’re way. It’s already a great accomplishment that you’re still hanging on, breathing. 2010-2019 A Bullet Summary Next, I’ll share 10-year recap of what happened in my so-called…

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