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    You Decide ❤️

    An unhealed person can find offence in pretty much anything someone does. A healed person understands the action of others has absolutely nothing to do with them. Each day you get to decide which one you will be. -Unknown

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    WALANG FOREVER 👏 (merong everyday)

    Madaming nagugulat when I post me and Ryan’s photo paminsan minsan. Sa feed or sa stories. Kayo pala?! Apparently yes. Kailan pa? Hindi ko na alam exact date pero since 2016 Wala kaming monthsary.Wala kaming anniversary.We don’t celebrate valentine’s or birthdays. Baka nga matagal pa bago ako magpost ng ganito ulit, maybe yes, maybe never. Kasi #walangforever Bakit? We celebrate each other’s company every single day. We support each other’s passion and success. Pero we are there for each other in times of struggles and sadness. This is not a romantic post. I had my share of stupidity and heartaches. Nung kabataan ko kasi I had this “glorified illusion of love”…

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    Everybody Dies, so Why Bother?

    As I scroll down my social media timelines, I see my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances writing their year-end/decade-end essays. I wanted to go on a different path and convince myself I didn’t need to write one. Who gives a shit about reading mine anyway? LOL But here I am, doing the opposite. First of all, I want to say how proud I am of YOU. Yes YOU, the one reading my post. Despite all of the hardships, turmoils, and challenges that came you’re way. It’s already a great accomplishment that you’re still hanging on, breathing. 2010-2019 A Bullet Summary Next, I’ll share 10-year recap of what happened in my so-called…

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    Cleaning the Toilet – Domestication of an Undomesticated Mommy

    Here’s another confession. I’m an undomesticated mom. I was raised by my family relying on them or house help and it’s too late for the blame game. I don’t do the dishes, laundry, cleaning the toilet, etc. We’ve recently moved out from my parents (I’m a single mom) a few months ago and it’s only Jop and myself. We live in a small apartment so it’s easy to tidy up even for a newbie like me. The most challenging chore?  Cleaning the toilet. It’s the most used area in our house right? We do our #2 and #3 and we don’t want to use a stinky toilet so I asked…

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    Am I a bad mom?

    “Can we try again tomorrow?”. Those were the last words I said to Geof before we went to sleep. A few hours earlier I had another meltdown, and like always, he was the one who had to carry the burden of my rage. Thank God I didn’t hit him physically. But muttering words like: I’m too tired I’m not a good mom, you’re better off with your dad I want to give up ..is not healthy for a young child like him. My Mood Swings’ Impact to his Mental Health It’s not healthy. For a 9 year old to have a mom who’s diagnose with bipolar-2 and get swings of…

  • 8 Feel Good Netflix Series Worth Binging
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    8 Feel Good Netflix Series Worth Binging

    When I get depressed (I’m bipolar-2) and it lingers longer than a week, months even; I resort to binge-watching to distract myself from the depths of darkness. What to avoid? Rom-coms, Drama, War movies. They definitely trigger. Suspense and horror are also recommended but I don’t prefer. So today I’ll be sharing with you my favorite 8 Feel Good Netflix Series Worth Binging! Whenever a friend, or a reader suffering from depression sends me a message on-line and asks for advice. I always tell them to See a specialist (psychiatrist) right away Talk to a friend Distract yourself and the easiest and simplest way to get over is to binge-watch…

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    Should I Start a Blog? – Macho Mail #1

    A good client, and friend of mine suggested that my branding has so much potential but I need consistency. I never follow a schedule and my content seems to sprout out of nowhere. Gave him an excuse that it’s part of my “charm” but then it hit me. I started this blog as an outlet for myself, but as millions of readers get to visit this everyday it’s also my responsibility to publish quality content on a regular basis. So today we’ll move forward with the first first ever! I’ll be answering YOUR burning questions WEEKLY!  Macho Mail #1 – Should I Start a Blog? Our very first picked letter…

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    Review: MABE Refrigerator and Tips to keep it Running Efficiently

    Okay guys. It’s been officially over a month since macho kid and I moved into a new apartment. We’re finally out from living with my mom and life as an independent family (mother and son tandem hehe)     Along with moving out, is arriving to a bare space. Our new home wasn’t furnished at all and we need to fill in the essential furniture and appliances so it’s live-able. My top priorities? Bed, stove, cabinets, microwave oven, and a refrigerator.   The last one is a MUST because everyone needs a ref to keep their leftovers, packed meals, jop’s fresh milk and such.    What do I look for…

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    VICE Gandoll Brow Kit Review (Soft Brown) + trying to impove my time management skills

    Some life updates before I review Vice Gandoll Brow Kit in Soft Brown? FINALLY. I had the motivation, inspiration, and energy (lol) to write! Honestly speaking fam, I have poor time management skills and ever since I took that job as a marketing exec, my schedule went haywire. From full-time blogger + content creator To full-time employee + full-time mommy + full-time content creator WHELP! I downloaded a Pomodoro app on Google Play and it seems to be working.  30 minutes focus work 5 minutes break 15 minutes break after 30 minutes x 3 Until I get the job done or my shift ends Now it’s night time, Geof is…

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