• GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!
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    GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!

    Hi there! I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon my review because you want to find out if Gluta Lipo Coffee is effective for weight loss, and you’re looking for something honest, real. I’ve always dabbled trying out “slimming” supplements not because I really need to shed a lot of weight. But because I’m constipated and bloated. I eat too many carbs and high sodium that makes me bloat, even if I’m not fat.    Enough about me, and let’s talk more about this product. Does it work? What are its ingredients? How much does it cost? Any side effects? If you’re lazy to read, you can go straight to my video…

  • REVIEW: Puritan's Pride C-1000mg
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    REVIEW: Puritan’s Pride C-1000mg

    Even before this pandemic even started, macho kid and I always made it a point to take Vitamin C. Although he takes Celeen Plus with Zinc, while I, take whatever is available or want to try. Most of the time, I buy those generic ascorbic acids available at the drugstore (Rhea). But I wanted to feel fancy recently and got myself a bottle of Puritan’s Pride C-1000mg with Rosehips (time-released) Price: 859/100 tablets Where to buy? Puritan’s Pride Philippines We all know vitamin C is one of the best vitamins that boost the immune system. But did you know, that our body is not capable of producing it? Humans lack the ability…

  • Kokando BYURAKKU Japanese Slimming Supplement| an honest review
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    Kokando BYURAKKU Japanese Slimming Supplement| an honest review

    I’ll be honest with you. I initially bought a pack Kokando BYURAKKU for its original function, and not for weight loss, because it is marketed as such here in the Philippines. What is it’s real purpose? Is it effective? Why did I purchase it? Continue reading below for the full details, ingredients, and review   Description Bisacodyl, the main ingredient, stimulates colonic mucosa to increase intestinal peristalsis. It also promotes bowel movements to activate defecation reflex. This product works more strongly and rapidly than herbal laxatives such as rhubarb and senna. Especially effective for obstinate and chronic constipation. Ingredients: • Bisacodyl – 15 mg • Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (DSS) –…

  • Fitmiss Delight Complete Protein Shake Review
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    Fitmiss Delight Complete Protein Shake Review

    I’ve been trying out low-lactose protein for the longest time. Not because I’m vegan, but because I get pimples from pure whey protein (except isolates). Today I’ll be reviewing the only vegan protein shake that tastes good. Honestly. I’ve tried A LOT and most rave reviews online are a bunch of lies. Most plant-based protein tastes like chalk, saw-dust, clumpy, and just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Surprisingly, Fitmiss Delight tastes good. Truth. What made this any different? Is this a good meal replacement? Read my honest to goodness review below   Product Description EAT LESS. FEEL FULLER. LOSE WEIGHT. Finally. A nutrition shake for women that satisfies…

  • REVIEW: Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie
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    REVIEW: Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie

    Hellooooo guyssss! Alam nyo naman kung hindi gluta ang nilalalak ko for my anti-aging needs, I also take collagen supplements. But we all know how most collagen drinks have that yucky fishy taste/smell despite their efforts to mask it.  UNTIL Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie (Price: 1,400 box of 10 sachets) came along! No kidding. I’ve tried countless collagen powders and this is the best tasting (so far). Continue reading for my full review (THIS IS #NOTSPONSORED) BENEFITS OF TAKING COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTS Improve skin texture and firmness. An average of 13% reduction in wrinkles according to scientific studies Decreased appetite Lighter/brighter skin appearance and reduction of age spots Increased bone strength…

  • Melatonin for Sleep: How much should I take?
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    Melatonin for Sleep: How much should I take?

    Are you having a hard time sleeping? Yeah, me too. Before Valerian Root (Calm Tabs), I used to take Melatonin for sleep. It was effective for me for some time, but I wasn’t that satisfied. How much Melatonin should you take and how often? Let’s learn more about this sleeping-aid supplement and what the experts have to say below.   What is Melatonin? Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland which inhibits melanin formation and is thought to be concerned with regulating the reproductive cycle. Melatonin can be used to treat delayed sleep phase and circadian rhythm sleep disorders in the blind and provide some insomnia relief. Treat melatonin as you would any sleeping pill and use…

  • Puritan's Pride Calm Tabs Review - Puritan Pride Vitamins
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    Puritan’s Pride Calm Tabs Review – Puritan Pride Vitamins

    How’s your sleep lately? Mine’s pretty shi$@#. It’s been bad before the quarantine, and it’s even worse now.  Today we’ll be reviewing Puritan’s Pride Calm Tabs. Before, good ol’ binaural beats and meditation worked. I mean why wouldn’t it? Calming sounds, natural vibrations, focused breathing. But after everything that’s currently happening: Corona virus Lock downs Quarantines Starvation Panic Incompetent governance How can someone get a good night’s sleep if not from tiring one’s self from all the society’s problems. I for one sometimes wish I can be apathetic to everything that’s happening around us. Even just for now, we need to get sleep. It’s vital for our immunity and mental…

  • Best Multivitamins in the Philippines (honest review)
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    Best Multivitamins in the Philippines (honest review)

    After days of researching, and even purchasing (tested and failed) popular multivitamins in the Philippines, I finally found the one for me. For my needs. What am I looking for in a vitamin supplement? Balanced, extensive, and doesn’t give me weird side effects like bloating, dizziness, etc. I was never fond of taking multis. I was happy with my collagen, vitamin C and Magnesium. But when the Corona Virus pandemic broke out. I panicked. I needed more too boost my immune system! I’ve listed all the vitamins I’ve read or tried below. Find out which one is best for your needs too. Because we’re all different individuals. But the best will…

  • Cherifer Premium for Adults Review (my personal thoughts)
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    Cherifer Premium for Adults Review (my personal thoughts)

    Hi everyone, today I’ll be reviewing Cherifer Premium Capsule. I had all the words inside of my head. But it took 3 whole days for me to start writing it down due to procrastination. It’s been the same time since the whole COVID-19 virus fiasco began and it’s taking toll on my sanity. According to research, procrastination is a form of coping mechanism due to stress or trauma. I’ve been looking for the perfect vitamin to take to boost my immunity. I’m not getting any younger and taking collagen and vitamin C can only do so much. Not only that, I’m not fond of eating my greens and veggies so a…

  • ConZace Review (Positive, Negative, Neutral)
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    ConZace Review (Positive, Negative, Neutral)

    Let me tell you the truth. I think after finishing my box of Pharmaton capsules, I’ll switch to using ConZace instead. While Pharmaton has Ginseng, and other vitamins and minerals, ConZace has higher amounts of what is essential. Vitamin C, E, A, and Zinc. I remember taking this back in college when I really needed to boost my energy levels and immunity. I kinda regret that I didn’t buy these over Pharmaton LOL. ConZace Product Description Conzace® has the highest levels of Zinc, Vitamins A, C, and E-proven to help immunity & the looks, like no other. This superior formulation combines all the molecules needed to give you healthy skin & hair.…

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