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    This Simple Skincare Routine Cleared my Acne by Surprise!

    I’m in my early 30’s and didn’t expect to have breakouts this bad. I had relatively clear skin since, even during puberty and teens! That’s why it came to me as a shock when a few years ago, pimple started sprouting on my cheeks, upper lip, and chin. Mind you, these weren’t small pustules of annoyance. They were huge, painful, and cystic. The horror!  Being the beauty blogger that I am. I tried a lot of acne remedies. From visiting derma clinics, skin peeling sets, rejuvenating…

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    Makeup Setting Sprays – Are They Really More than Just Water

    Sometimes you feel a lil’ extra. Where after you finish your typical 20 minute makeup routine you’d use a makeup setting spray as a finishing touch. To set makeup, to make your foundation look “natural”, mimic an hour of sweat. Do make-up settings really work? Are they really more than just water? Today on the blog I’ll share with you my favorite makeup setting sprays that actually do the job and more. But first!   What is a Makeup Setting Spray? Makeup ‘setting‘ spray is formulated to be…

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