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    REVIEW: Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink Supplement

    REVIEW Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink Supplement

    Happy new year guys! This month, to start the year right and bright, we’re going to review another collagen supplement – Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink. Buy GLOWW Collagen on Lazada I’ve been trying and taking collagen supplements from different brands since I was in my early 20s. Being exposed to the beauty blogging industry got me aware early of how important it is as a supplement, and probably one of the reasons I look “young for my age” *cough*36*cough*. What is collagen? According to WebMD:…

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    Best Collagen Supplement Reviews (2021 Update)

    Best Collagen Supplement Products & Reviews

    Ever since I hit the big 3-0, and inspite of putting on sunscreen everyday. I became more obsessed with keeping my face and body as young as possible. Age is just a number right? With that in mind, they say our Collagen production depletes as we grow older. That’s why taking supplements does help in slowing down the aging process.  Over the years I’ve tried A LOT of products. From tablets, capsules, to drinks! Which one works, which ones doesn’t? Find out by reading my individual review…

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    Best Slimming Coffee Brands in the Philippines (2023 Update)

    Slimming Coffees are all the rave these days. Amidst the pandemic scare, people are trying to find more and more ways to stay in shape. It’s been months since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown so there is little to no surprise that most of us might have put on a couple of pounds in the last few months. And let’s be honest;  We Filipinos love to eat. Which makes cutting back the calories all the more difficult to achieve; but can Slimming Coffees be…

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    REVIEW: Puritan’s Pride C-1000mg

    Even before this pandemic even started, macho kid and I always made it a point to take Vitamin C. Although he takes Celeen Plus with Zinc, while I, take whatever is available or want to try. Most of the time, I buy those generic ascorbic acids available at the drugstore (Rhea). But I wanted to feel fancy recently and got myself a bottle of Puritan’s Pride C-1000mg with Rosehips (time-released) Price: 859/100 tablets Where to buy? Puritan’s Pride Philippines We all know vitamin C is one of…

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    Fitmiss Delight Complete Protein Shake Review

    I’ve been trying out low-lactose protein for the longest time. Not because I’m vegan, but because I get pimples from pure whey protein (except isolates). Today I’ll be reviewing the only vegan protein shake that tastes good. Honestly. I’ve tried A LOT and most rave reviews online are a bunch of lies. Most plant-based protein tastes like chalk, saw-dust, clumpy, and just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Surprisingly, Fitmiss Delight tastes good. Truth. What made this any different? Is this a good meal…

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    Puritan’s Pride Calm Tabs Review – Puritan Pride Vitamins

    I stopped taking this right now because I’m on my meds. I stopped meds for a few years. I’m back with my Psychiatrist and after being diagnosed now as Bipolar-1 I’m now on ability, lamictal, and Xanor. Best to consult your doctor. I just take chamomile tea now at night.   How’s your sleep lately? Mine’s pretty shi$@#. It’s been bad before the quarantine, and it’s even worse now.  Today we’ll be reviewing Puritan’s Pride Calm Tabs. Before, good ol’ binaural beats and meditation worked.…

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    Best Multivitamins in the Philippines (honest review)

    After days of researching, and even purchasing (tested and failed) popular multivitamins in the Philippines, I finally found the one for me. For my needs. What am I looking for in a vitamin supplement? Balanced, extensive, and doesn’t give me weird side effects like bloating, dizziness, etc. I was never fond of taking multis. I was happy with my collagen, vitamin C and Magnesium. But when the Corona Virus pandemic broke out. I panicked. I needed more too boost my immune system! I’ve listed all the…

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    Enervon Multivitamin Reviews (Positive, Negative, Neutral)

    The best time to take multivitamins is in the morning, with food. That’s just a fact I recently discovered while searching for Enervon Multivitamin Reviews. I’m so used to taking my supplements at night time that I forget to do enough study (or read the label) when and what to know.  Today we’ll also be sharing you tidbits on this popular vitamin in the Philippines. It’s got a hefty amount of Vitamin C plus a steady supply of Vitamin B complex that’s perfect if you’re…

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