Amid the global pandemic we find ourselves today, taking care of our health has become more important than ever. Unfortunately, with everything we have on our plates now, it can be challenging to always put one’s health first.


AIA Philippines, the country’s premier life insurance company, recently introduced Total Health Solution, its ecosystem accessible through a single touchpoint platform that allows customers to access all of its services that can help them live better, protect better and get better. 


“We at AIA Philippines understand the importance of staying healthy especially during the pandemic,” AIA Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Leo Tan said. “We all have different health needs but we have the same goal, which is to be the healthiest we can be. The Total Health Solution ecosystem will help our customers achieve this. Insurance companies used to be just about providing protection products. With Total Health Solution, we are there to help them live better so they are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, protect better so they have peace of mind that they are prepared for life’s uncertainties, and get better, giving them access to healthcare needs should they find themselves unwell.” 


Live Better


AIA Philippines customers can find the support they need to sustain a healthy lifestyle in the Total Health Solution ecosystem. It houses the AIA Vitality program, the Company’s game-changing program that incentivizes customers with rewards for knowing and improving their health. It’s also where healthcare partners such as EZ Consult can be easily accessed, allowing customers the means to consult nutritionists with a few clicks of a button.  


Protect Better


“As a life insurance company, our mission is to race against risk to protect more Filipinos. And at the end of the day, that is at the core of what we do. Through Total Health Solution, we are able to fulfill this mission by providing them the means to be protected, and more importantly, stay protected,” Tan explained. 


Within the ecosystem, customers have clear visibility on their policies, and allows them to make changes. With these details on hand, customers can be reminded regularly when their premiums are due, helping them avoid missing their payments. 


Get Better


With Total Health Solution, customers have the support they need anytime, anywhere. Healthcare needs such as teleconsult, medicine purchase via delivery, vaccine administration, and discounted laboratory procedures are easily accessible. 


“The pandemic has increased the need for healthcare solutions among Filipinos. As their partner in health and wellness, we want to be able to address that need. These days, it can be a strain to schedule a consultation or a lab procedure, especially if you don’t know where to go. Having the Total Health Solution ecosystem reassures our customers that they will be supported for everything related to their health care needs,” Tan expounded.


The journey to helping Filipinos live better began in 2017 and with Total Health Solution, AIA Philippines has come full circle. “This is one of the many innovative solutions we have developed to take care of our customers as part of our transition to AIA Philippines. Through Total Health Solution providing the means for us to be with our customers every step of the way, we bring to life our purpose of helping more Filipinos live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives,” said Kelvin Ang, AIA Philippines Chief Executive Officer. 


Click here for more information on AIA Philippines, visit AIA Philippines’ Facebook page, email [email protected], or call (02) 8528-2000.


  • Hyun Jang Nim

    Impressive. I like the initiative to make its customer’s lives better. This Total Health Solution is really a great innovation to make it more accessible and transparent keeping its consumers protected, safer and healthier.

  • Jursalyn Lhar Beatingo

    Wow agree with this.
    A great initiative from AIA Philippines to give top priority on health concerns of its customers.
    The most important matters that’s should be given attention.

  • Joaquin Eli Bacod

    This is a great iniative of AIA Philippines because it is not only a health insurance, but also has an ecosystem just like a hospital, they also has lab procedures and consultation which is great this time of pandemic. This is what we call the future or innovation, because they continue to provide a quality insurance and an accessible one.

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