Badass K-heroines who’ll teach you to lift yourself up like a girl!

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No matter how ordinary our lives seem to be, we are the heroines in our own stories.

Such is the inspiring narrative written in many K-dramas and perhaps is one of the many reasons for the genre’s enduring popularity. Whether intellectually or emotionally, no matter the age, K-drama fans relate so well with these fierce femmes on their favorite shows.

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Need a guide on which K-drama shows have the best plots featuring empowered female characters? Read on!


Badass K-heroines who’ll teach you to lift yourself up like a girl!

Find the best version of yourself like Kim Mi-so from “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”

It may be hard to find courage to leave a situation when you no longer feel fulfilled but take your cues from Kim Mi-so–she’s the perfect secretary of a very demanding and spoiled boss and yet when the situation no longer works for her, she decided that she’ll quit and take that time to reassess about what she really wants to do with her life. In the same way, those who are longing to figure things out and take charge of your life, you may want to keep tabs on this self-love queen. 

Badass K-heroines who’ll teach you to lift yourself up like a girl!

Never be afraid of admitting you’re wrong and setting it right a la No Seung-hye from “Sky Castle”

No Seung-hye may have started out like other mothers in Sky Castle—demanding and perfectionist kind of parent. But as she learns how destructive her husband’s stance is to her children, she decides to stand up against him and put her children’s happiness a priority. Her journey towards self-realization reminds women who may be going through the same struggles that they can change things around, and do things better. 

Badass K-heroines who’ll teach you to lift yourself up like a girl!

Find your inner strength like Do Bong-soon from “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon”

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Don’t be fooled by her petite frame and nerdy personality, Do Bong-soon wields superhuman physical strength that can terrify any living wrestler. But what is remarkable is how she uses her power to help other people suffering injustice like a bus driver being harassed by gangsters while working toward her dream of creating her own video game where she is the main character because there’s always time to do a good deed while chasing your dreams

Badass K-heroines who’ll teach you to lift yourself up like a girl!

Always choose to do the right thing like Kang Kwon-joo from “Voice 4”

Kang Kwon-joo is a person with a very strong sense of justice and uses her enhanced hearing abilities to solve crimes, even one from her own childhood. But despite all the heartbreaking revelations and heinous crimes, Kang Kwon-joo reminds her golden team (and herself) that one does not have to become a monster to beat one, a very important lesson to live by. 


Badass K-heroines who’ll teach you to lift yourself up like a girl!

Never let society define your happiness a la Bae Ta-mi from “Search: WWW”

Women finding success in only one of two things (say, career versus romance) is a tired story. Bae Ta-mi, a headstrong director of a web portal company proves throughout the show that she, too, can be as passionate and hardworking when it comes to matters of the heart. She basically lives the mantra: Why choose one if you can be good at both?

Stand up and keep going a la Choi Ae-ra from “Fight for My Way”

Choi Ae-ra’s dream is to become a TV/sports/radio announcer. After so many attempts, she faced a lot of rejections and landed a front desk job at a local mall. Despite the failures, she remains optimistic—facing her every day with perseverance and learning one life lesson after another. No hopia vibes ever from this go-getter!

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  1. This is a nice tandem, pldt and viu. This will make our kdrama marathon into next level.
    I love kdrama too. I like your list though yung Sec Kim pa lang ang napapanood ko. Some on your list are on my pending kdrama lists. I heard good feedbacks about them and truly a must watch.

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