Book Review: Not Invisible - A Memoir
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Book Review: Not Invisible – A Memoir

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Okay. This is the very first time that I’ll be writing a book review. I’m a bookworm, but usually, whenever I finish reading something, I just keep my thoughts to myself. But after reading Frances Amper’s memoir, Not Invisible, I had to let other people know that this book is a must-read, must-gift gem! 

Not sure if I’m doing this right but here we go.

Book Review: Not Invisible - A Memoir

The cover uses the colour of the sunset (or sunrise?) with a silhouette of a mom and her three kids. It’s warm and pretty much inviting. It’s an 88-pager with a font size large enough to let us read even when we’re distracted with something else, like our kid telling us “Mom, look look!” every 10 minutes or so. 

Reading her memoir made me feel that I am not alone with my feelings. That I am not invisible. 

In each chapter, Frances let us take a sneak peek into her life as a mom of 3 boys.  From how she fell in love, to the moments she feels most vulnerable. I’m not going to give out too much of course! But there’s something with her style that doesn’t just dictate her story, she unravels it with grace and quirkiness that makes you feel you have a friend beside you. Reading her memoir made me feel that I am not alone with my feelings. That I am not invisible. 

I’ll share one of my favourite parts of the book, on “Please don’t call them heartbreakers” I’ll quote it here:

Let’s not wield that word so carelessly, and maybe our boys will grow up to be gentlemen who will melt and mend hearts, and not break them

Because that is exactly how I’m raising my son. As mothers, we can end toxic masculinity with how we raise our children.

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Now, this is more than just a memoir on motherhood. There’s a chapter that shares her personal tips on “How to get in the mood for love” (for those who have partners!) and chapters on relationships. 

Book Review: Not Invisible - A Memoir

The book wraps up perfectly. It doesn’t feel “bitin”. It’s a satisfying book that I don’t mind reading again. Get a copy for yourself, or the best women in your life. Heck, buy the man in your life a copy so he knows how most women feel! 

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