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Brow Soaps for Fluffy Feathered Eyebrows! (Review + Tutorial)

Okay, pardon the thumbnail. I was trying to grow my brows out when it was taken and haven’t waxed for ages. Why you ask? Because one of my goal is to have fluffy brows. Bushy brows makes you look younger. The mess of it all is beautiful. How do we achieve it? All we need is a: soap, water, and spoolie.

How does a brow soap work?

I recommend using a transparent soap than a white or colored one. Because the latter can give you a dandruff effect when dried. I’m also all for convenience so I bought a ready-made brow soap from Brow Naturelle (290php) that comes in clear or brown.

A brow soap works by creating a film over each hair strand. Holding them in place without running or flaking. Despite drying “hard” it leaves brows looking soft and fluffy.

How to Use a Brow Soap?

  1. Wet your spoolie, like a toothbrush
  2. Simply brush your spoolie or blender over the surface of the soap until you’ve created foam
  3. Brush brows upwards until you’ve achieved the desired fluff and style
  4. Optional: Coloring it in with an eyebrow pencil

Honest Review

#RealTalk. Brow Soaps can only work if you’re naturally gifted with hairy brows.

Using brow soap is the best product to achieve fluffy feathered eyebrows. Once applied, shape stays in place. EXCEPT in humid places, sweat, and water. Just like how soap melts in moist environments.

I also find the whole brow soap routine time consuming. From wetting the spoolie, foaming it, and shaping. Not to mention the actual brow soap is bulky to bring in your kit (vs the compact brow gels). But the final effect is worth the effort.

Hope you enjoyed my review and tutorial! What do you think of brow soaps? Would you use them?

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