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Bipolar Diet: Natural remedies that helped manage my symptoms

Sleepless Saga”. This is what my friend, Mari, labeled the struggle that I’ve been experiencing since November last year. Well, thanks to medication and a proper diet I have somehow managed it. That is the what and why I’m sharing with you today. I’m currently on 100mg of Seroquel daily, and 200mg of Tegretol if we’re talking about prescription meds; but we’re also going to talk about foods that I eat and avoid, and supplements that I take that help me manage the symptoms of mania.

*I have Type 1 Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar Diet: Natural remedies that helped manage my symptoms

According to my doctor, I should avoid foods/things that can trigger my mania, which include:

  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco

According to Medical News Today:

Some evidence suggests that caffeine may worsen mood destabilization in bipolar disorder, potentially leading to manic episodes. Caffeine can also disrupt bipolar disorder treatment, resulting in potentially dangerous side effects or reduced treatment effectiveness.

and after doing research on a few Reddit articles:

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/BipolarReddit/comments/vxj3o/diet_and_bipolar_disorder/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/BipolarReddit/comments/4shiko/what_does_bipolarreddit_eat_ive_managed_to/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/NutritionalPsychiatry/comments/igrcsv/best_diet_for_bipolar_depression_type_2/

It took a few weeks to find out which food I can and cannot eat to help me manage my symptoms, especially sleep deprivation. Oh good, I never felt how important sleep was until now. I remember when I was younger it was a treat to stay up late at night. There were also days back in high school I would stay up to create and design websites with no sleep (I wasn’t diagnosed as Bipolar yet).

Now that I’m a grown adult, I don’t have as much energy and rigor to survive the lack of sleep. It makes my mania worse, turning it into an endless cycle. 

Food I can eat

  • PROTEIN – beef, chicken, fish, seafood, eggs
  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetables, root crops, sweet potatoes, potatoes

Food I can eat in minimal amounts

  • Rice, Oats
  • Natural sweeteners (honey, stevia)
  • Matcha
  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Chocolate (super moderate)

Food I avoid

  • Refined carbs
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • Processed Food / Junk food

Supplements I take

Aside from the prescription medicines I have, I also take a few supplements to help balance and manage my brain. This includes Omega-3 from fish oil capsules (buy them here), Vitamin B complex (buy them here) , probiotics (buy them here), and magnesium (buy them here).

I also do weightlifting 3-4x a week as my doctor says it would help spend my excess energy if I’m manic, and it will give me happy hormones if I’m depressive. Excercise is good for you!

Bipolar Brew

If you know me, you know I’m a coffee addict, and being restricted from this really pains me. But sacrifices have to be made in exchange for my sanity. Thank God for DECAF. I was given a go signal to have decaf occasionally so I made a dupe of my fave Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks, bipolar style:

  • 1 Grande DECAF Americano, light water
  • 2 pumps Sugar-free vanilla
  • Splash of breve
  • Lots of ice

If I’m feeling more indulgent I’ll add 1 pump of white chocolate mocha, but only on days I’ll be extra active like workout days. 

Keto Treats

I am not on a keto diet, but Im avoiding gluten and refined carbs as much as possible. Alas, having a sweet tooth sometimes I have cravings here and there. Thank God for Keto desserts I can have my donuts, cake, bread, pasta, and more. I’m sharing a few of my favorites below:


dear diet keto donuts
dear diet keto donuts


frnk keto choco matcha drink
frnk keto choco matcha drink


guilt-free protein berry shake
guilt-free protein berry shake


keto filipino leche flan
keto filipino leche flan


sincerelys kitchen high protein coco cookies
sincerelys kitchen high protein coco cookies


sincerelys kitchen high protein donuts
sincerelys kitchen high protein donuts

Final thoughts

My psychiatrist says it would take months or even more to get “stabilised” again and it is up to me and my brain to cooperate. I miss the boring, normal days. Also if you know any other stores that sell delicious, low-carb, no-sugar treats let me know so I can add them on our list 🙂

*This is what works for me, and maybe not for you. Best to consult your doctor before making any changes with your diet


  • Apart Cy

    Ang Daming bawal pala momsh
    Hoping soon,you will get better
    Iwasan lang yung drinks and foods na hindi pwede sayo momsh
    God is good ,gagaling ka din
    Basta alagaan mo lang yung Sarili mo momsh

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