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Flash Review: Monello Cat Food for Neutered/Spayed Cats

Ever since my vet told me to look for a low sodium catfood, Monello na talaga gamit ko for my cats ever since. They like the taste, maganda nutrition profile and most of all mababa ang salt content.

Price: 183 php per 1kg

Where to buy: Monello Cat on Laz

low sodium

– masarap (my cats love it)

– high protein

– no fillers

– vitamins and minerals enriched

Lagi itong OOS (the regular version). Kaya when I ran out, nadiscover ko na may purple version pala.

This one has higher protein content, better nutrition profile, lower sodium content and l-carninitne to boost metabolism.

Alam naman kasi natin na kapag neutered or spayed ang cats madalas nagiging tamad so prone to obesity.

Pero ang pinaka mahalaga sakin is my cats love its taste. Syempre I still feed them soft foods alternately, pero ito na staple nila.

As seen on my recent purchase nag hoard ako kasi mabilis nga mag OOS. Ok dito sa binibilhan ko laging maganda mag pack and matagal pa expiry (2024/2025)

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