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Iconic Pop Culture Outfits that Stood Out | E! Pop Gala 2019

I knew I had to get this off my head, and chest ASAP. E! Philippines together with Bloggers United Philippines stepped up their game in this year’s E Bloggers Ball. Revamping it with a brand-spanking new name and theme, the E! Pop Gala 2019. 

Besides improved lighting, more glamorous photo booths courtesy of 360 Selfie Philippines; guests were treated to overflowing wine, drinks and a generous grazing table spread at the Grand Ballroom, City of Dreams Manila.  

The highlight of the evening’s party? Everyone’s outfits of course! The theme for 2019 was POP CULTURE. In case you missed it or just want to review who stood out (in my opinion, you can also leave a comment to let us know your personal favorites!). Here are my personal top picks for the #ootds that stood out that night


Pop Culture Outfit Favorites at E! Pop Gala 2019

(this is in no particular order)


Making jej the new cool. Mimiyuuuh stood out wearing the iconic “panyo” (handkerchief) print in her own design.



This outfit definitely sparked joy! Need we describe who she is? *coughMarieKondocough*



An outfit that deserves our applause! applause! applause!


Pulling off an outfit like the Joker’s need a good tailor to avoid looking tacky. Myke Soon pulled it off perfectly.


You can’t be part of this world Mikki! You’re just too enchantingly magical in your outfit, we’d want to be part of yours 🙂

@chefedward and @thatgirltrixie

Talk about witty! Presenting, Taytay Rizal Swift and Tummy Hiddleston everybody.


Cinderella, but make it appropriate for the tropical climate like the Philippines! Haha! This outfit is too cute for words!


We can’t take our eyes of Janeena Chan’s tetris dress!


From last year’s dasters to this year’s Madonnas! Our loves from The Soshal Networ in Madonna for each generation. Looks like clothes that you can buy from styleaisle


It’s the perfect combination of comfort and chic. This outfit is 24k GOLDEN



Recognize. If you’re not from the millenial generation, just google “Britney and Justin in Denim” so you know what we’re talking about. Up-styling the denim OOTD from a nay to a yay



He’s even got the body tats on pat! Raf as Jeffrey Star



It’s like she’s wearing soft clouds! Gen-zel pulled of Rachel Chu of Crazy Rich Asians perfectly don’t you think? 



You can say it’s a pure win if you don’t have to second guess who they are. The moment Ruth walked the red carpet, it just screams AMY WINEHOUSE. She even had Amy’s custom tats printed. Detail detail detail.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below as I’d love to hear your thoughts! and if you’re curious. I came as the underground sensation of the early 2000’s. Erning of Strangebrew with my partner in crime, Tado





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