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MACHO KID’S OBSESSION WITH PEPPER LUNCH | and how we spent “Fathers Day”

“Mommy can we please eat at Pepper Lunch?” This is the usual line of macho kid whenever we’re in a mall and I ask him what he wants to eat. No guys this isn’t sponsored. But how I wish it was! Because I can’t count how many times we’ve had our meals there. It’s not the most affordable fast food *sigh* but my son finishes the whole jumbo plate and he’s a picky eater!

We don’t celebrate Mothers day or Fathers day or any other day that much because everyday is special for us 🙂 But it just so happened that it was Sunday and after going to church we decided to go to SM and watch Antman 2. 


Buti na lang our neighboring customers were nice enough to take our photos. Lagi na lang kasi kaming selfie ^_^ #singlemomproblems



..dessert at La Lola Churros


and…. his monthly haircut at Bruno’s Barbers

brunos barbers haircut for boys
brunos barbers haircut for boys

Yesterday Geof told me “Mom, in 5 years I’ll be a teenager na” and I felt my heart breaking. Growing up and growing old is inevitable. So my only wish is that we’ll still have that strong bond as mother and child, kahit gym buddies lang!




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