Maxene Magalona’s journey on love featured in PLDT Home is set to inspire and empower Filipina women

Love is not just romantic love with a partner. It can be with your friends, family, or even someone you look up to. It is not just the “kilig”, it is more than that. Maxene Magalona recently shared her journey on love on PLDT home and it’s a must-watch especially this Valentine’s season. 

Watch her video here.

Maxene describes how her father taught her the true meaning of love.

“For you, love is about acceptance and non-judgment. You love others the way you want to be loved—by just letting you be who you are,” she writes.

“The love my dad showed me is my first love. He was a very genuine person. He showed everyone
sincerity and to me, that’s love – accepting people for who and where they are.”

But not every love story ends with a happy ending. I’m sure you’ve experienced your heartaches (just like myself), and when times get rough, it’s a blessing if we have a family we can run and connect to. 

I remember during my own journey when I was working in Singapore, I was able to connect and reach out to my family thanks to our fast and reliable internet connection using PLDT Home. We were able to do video calls every day to keep my spirits up. To never give up.

Just like Maxene, she’s not afraid to love again. “I will never give up. I will never lose hope. I know deep in my heart that I will find my true love,” she concluded in the video.

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