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My Christmas Gifts to Self (2022 edition)

This will be hopefully the first out of many. It could be material gifts like this one, or other ones like in action, in travel, or in self-care. Last year (wow 2023 na) I decided to buy the things I always wanted to get for myself but couldn’t do so before because of a lack of finances. Don’t worry though! I made sure this was in my “splurge” section of my budget, and always keep my savings intact! 

A small part of myself is also telling me that this could possibly be a symptom of my mania. Since I’ve been hypomanic recently with a lot of sleepless nights and racing thoughts. A symptom is impulse shopping, but thanks to having separate accounts I still manage to keep most of my budget safe (whew!)

Are you as excited as I am? Without further ado, my Christmas gifts to myself for 2022!

The Boxes of Glory

Gift #1: Random beauty items (Chanel, Dior, Heroine Make, Charlotte Tilbury)

Whenever I buy beauty products like makeup or skincare, I always see them as “investments”. Why? Because each product, hopefully, and eventually, will turn into a product review that I’ll be featuring in my blog. But sometimes I get too busy with life (or lazy) that I just write about what I feel like at some point in time.

Don’t worry I didn’t pay full price for these because I get them at a lower cost thanks to my suki shoppers e-portal and Beauty Indulgence! Fret not, these are still 100% authentic. They just have their sources *wink wink*

Gift #2: Dior Holiday Set

I’m not fond of branded bags, but I am a fan of good-quality luxury makeup and skincare! Dior makes the BEST kits every holidays and they come at a cheaper cost than SRP especially when you buy their sets. This one has a 15ml Capture Total Serum, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Mini, and a Rouge in their popular red shade #999.

Gift #3: Gold hoop earrings

It’s a no-brainer. Gold is another “investment” that increases in value, and it’s something that can make me prettier when I wear it! The first pair is a matte hoop but has a sparkly reflective finish. The second one is a twist hoop with a wider 30mm that looks big when worn. Pang party! Hehe!

Gift #4: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDP

Gosh.. the queue of fragrances I have to review is very, very long. I’m a fan of Kenny for this, he always makes good content on perfumes and whatnots! Ako hopefully I can churn out these reviews before my fragrances expire. By the way, if kept in a dark, dry place, perfumes can last you years and years. I keep mine in a storage box with those silica gel pouches to absorb moisture.

The last Chanel fragrance I had (and I proudly emptied) was Chanel No. 5. I wanted to try something different and Coco M has stellar reviews on my favorite fragrance site Fragantica.

Gift #5: Penhaligon 10ml Bestseller Sampler

I’m a fan of this niche brand, and even have full bottles of Luna and Artemisia. This one has 10ml of Halfeti, Luna, and Tragedy of Lord George. The last one is a man’s perfume so I gave it to my brother as a Christmas gift. 

Gift #6: Macbook Pro M2 13 inch

Technically, this is a replacement for my dying Macbook Air. I use a laptop for work and for play. I live on the internet almost 24/7 so I deserve something that will work for me for years to come. Ever since I switched to Mac, working has been easier including handling files. No lags too! 

My heart is happy :3 Thank you Lord for all these blessings I’m really grateful


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