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Nothing excites me anymore? An “old” blogger’s frustration.

Totally random. But I just had to write this one down. My feelings. 

I was scrolling around my social media feed, enjoying what I was seeing. Friends posting their new finds, whether food, beauty product or even gadgets. I used to be that person. My eyes sparkled and lightbulbs flash over my head whenever I found something that excites me. A new milk tea flavor?! That cute lippie with a sparkling pink tube??! A trending makeup look?! The latest makeup collab collection?!

But now, my mind just says.. ‘meh’

I’m not even sure if it’s lack of time, or genuine lack of interest. It’s not even writer’s block (if it is I wouldn’t be able to write now).

It’s just that, for years that I’ve been publishing stories on products etc, I can read between the lines now. Everything is marketing. We’re all being fed the same info, to different channels, in order to make us spend. It’s an endless cycle. 

I just need to feel that fire from within again.


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