Human Heart Nature Deodorant Beauty +Plus Review
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REVIEW: Human Heart Nature Deodorant Beauty +Plus Roll-On

Earlier this year, I had a Human Heart Nature obsession phase where I hoarded a bunch of their products and blogged them on my old website kikaysikat (RIP). Since this is my new baby, might as well post my thoughts  on their Human Heart Nature Beauty +Plus Deodorant (Price: 149php  for 50ml).

Their idea with this product is infuse the skin nourishing benefits of sunflower oil to their all-natural deodorant. It got me intrigued because my cousin is a HUGE HUGE fan of their sunflower oil and got nothing but raves for it.

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Product Description

Human Heart Nature Deodorant 2

99.8% Natural | Powder Light Scent

Embrace the Miracles of our bestseller and cult classic Sunflower Beauty Oil through our most advanced natural deodorant yet. 86% of users said that our Beauty +PLUS Deodorant performs better than or at par with their current synthetic brand*


Active Ingredients

  • Sunflower Beauty Oil
    – Helps lighten and soften underarms
    – Helps improve appearance of underarm chicken skin
    – Smoothens dry, rough skin from shaving
    – Helps soothe skin after waxing
  • Sage Oil
    – Fights odor-causing bacteria
  • Mangosteen Extract
    – Soothes sensitive skin



Human Heart Nature Deodorant 3

It comes in a recyclable bottle with a pastel yellow cap. You gotta salute Human Heart Nature for their advocacy in producing natural, cruelty-free, and sustainable health and beauty products!

The roll-on glides smooth as silk,  and you don’t need to apply too much. It’s a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. I once went overboard and left my armpits feeling oily.

I’m not prone to BO so the deodorizing properties of this roll-on is juuuuuuuust right. It doesn’t “stop” the odor or “cloak” our natural scent. Their product prevents the bacteria that causes the funky smell in the first place.

IT HELPED WITH MY CHICKEN SKIN! This is probably due to its sunflower oil ingredient. My armpits were significantly smoother and less bumpy.

What I don’t like about this product so much is that it gets rancid fast. Mine smelled weird and it was less than 2 months old. I could safely assume you need to finish the entire bottle in 30 days or less. Sayang kasi.


Human Heart Nature Deodorant Review




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