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REVIEW: Milcu Roll-On Deodorant

This review is long overdue. How long? 14 years how about that. I’ve been using Milcu Roll-On Deodorant since discovering it 2004 back in college. This deodorant has been popular in forums such as FemaleNetwork’s Girl Talk, and Back when social media isn’t a thing yet. That’s why today’s a special post for all of you. THIS DEODORANT IS L-O-V-E. Just continue reading to find out why. If you’re not the “reading type” (booooo) wait for my Youtube video on KikaysikaTV soon.

Where to buy Milcu? Buy Milcu on Lazada

Price? 189.75php/50ml as of writing


Now I’d like to be one of those girls that would wear their armpits dark, rough, with hair here and there. It’s their choice. I respect it, but it’s not mine. I prefer my pits to be as fair and smooth as it can be. Though it’s a difficult feat because I have an underarm condition that prohibits that. *TMI ALERT* I have inactive cysts in my underarm area that secretes sebum and keeps my pits clogged with blackheads (ugh gross).

So because of that condition I have to constantly use exfoliants like the A Bonne Milk Scrub to keep it as smooth as it can be. But it won’t be perfect.

milcu roll-on deodorant
milcu roll-on deodorant

What I like about Milcu Roll-On is it’s just a deodorant. It’s not an anti-antiperspirant (though it claims to do so in the label)  that causes skin to get clogged and dark. Sweating is normal. It’s our bodies way of detox so I won’t do anything to stop that. Milcu Deodorant simply does its job. Keeps armpits smelling normal.

Milcu doesn’t have extra fragrances that can contribute to underarm darkening. It’s as basic as its ingredients

milcu roll-on deodorant ingredients
milcu roll-on deodorant ingredients (it says anti-perspirant but it does it ever so gently)

Did you notice I never mentioned it has any “whitening” or “bleaching” agents? I hope you did! This is what makes Milcu special. The simple formulation of keeping our armpits smelling good without harsh chemicals that can darken our underarms.


effective deodorant
effective deodorant

It’s basic. It’s simple. It works and it’s proudly made in the Philippines! It’s one of my unsung product heroes that deserve more recognition.





  • Love Compoc

    nakagamit narin ako nito before and this review makes me wanna switch back Ms Kaycee ! Love the whitening effect ❤️

  • Charm Jumalon

    More than three years na ako gumagamit ng Milcu powder and so far satisfied naman ako. Mas prefer ko na rin kase ang natural na mga products para hindi harsh sa skin at sa environment. And with that, malamang itry ko din tong roll-on ng Milcu, mejo messy kase gamitin yung powder ?

  • Rizza Montaniel

    Naku momsh ganyan din po problema ko sa kili kili kili ko parehas po tayo yan din po gamit ko pang scrub at deo….

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