Tartine et Chocolat Ptimusc
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Review: Tartine et Chocolat Ptimusc

In contrast to its blue counterpart, the flanker, which is the Tartine et Chocolat Ptimusc, offers a softer scent albeit with better longevity.

I am a fan of the original Tartine et Chocolat because it reminds me of the good days of my childhood. Sweet, citrusy, lemony, fresh. Sadly after a few sprays it only lasts less than an hour. Yes, even worse performance than a drugstore cologne.

Accord and Notes source: Fragantica

This is the latest flanker, release just this 2023, Ptimusc is a unisex EDT. You read that right, it’s an eau de toilette. The original Tartine is just a cologne, so expect this one to last a lot longer.

While it has a close to skin scent, with minimal projection, it lasts a good 6 hours to a whole day on me. I can sniff my wrists or chest and I can still take whiffs of musk and white chocolate. An innocently delicious scent.

At first spray, I can smell oats and milk (even if they’re not on the notes list) this is probably the almond and white chocolate haha! There’s a mild trace of orange blossom, but it doesn’t overpower the blend but harmonizes everything. I wished there was more of that citrus note though because the scent falls relatively flat. Milk and oats. Musk and white chocolate.

This is a comforting scent. It’s like a warm hug. A cup of warm milk. Your mom tucking you in in cashmere sheets.

It’s a non-offensive scent that would probably make you more likeable at work or wherever. It can even work as a date scent! Overall this is on my top 3 of skin scents, and I’ll be reviewing the last one pretty soon 😉

You can try a decant of Tartine et Chocolate here.


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