Sassy Girl Blush Pretty in Pink Review

Sassy Colors Blush Review: This tiktok viral blush looks better on your skin, swear

When I first saw this viral blush on Tiktok, I told myself, that looks hella ugly in the pan! This is blush is called Pretty in Pink from Sassy Colors. It’s only 130php on Laz and I’m so glad I still caved in and bought one. Do read until the end to see what I think + what it looks like when applied on my face.

sassy colors pretty in pink viral tiktok blush 1

The packaging is tacky and flimsy… like what would you expect from such a cheap product right?

sassy colors pretty in pink viral tiktok blush 1

It looks pretty bland in the pan no? The color a dull shade of muave. It’s even loose, powdery, and a lot of fallout. But but but.

sassy colors pretty in pink viral tiktok blush

But wait, before you judge the blush, or my review, take a look at how it applies on skin below.

Just gorgeous! The secret is buffing it on your cheeks so it transforms into the most beautiful glowy sheen. It does make you look pretty in pink, dont you agree?

sassy colors pretty in pink viral tiktok blush

This is another lesson of, dont judge the product by the price or its tacky packaging. Not all luxury makeup performs well, and not all cheap makeup performs badly. Your best bet is by looking for honest reviews. I know, I know, social media and algorithm has changed how products are promoted, and most of the time, the hype is not organic, but somehow, if you follow the right people, you’d find gems in content.


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