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    Beginners Guide to Fitness (Quick & Easy Read)

    Want to get fit but don’t know how to start? 3 things. Diet. Exercise. Sleep. These are essential factors that we need to educate ourselves in. There are countless fad diets and types of physical activities on the internet.  What matters most is find something that works for YOU. This post will more or less help you start if you’re clueless where to begin. Beginners Guide to Fitness #1 DIET Total Calories  = Protein + Fat + Carbs Want to lose weight/fat? – Cut calories,…

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    How to Stop from Binge Eating aka Notes to Self

    I barely miss a day at the gym. It has become a habit, a lifestyle. But how come I don’t see the progress I expect? On some cases, just like today; my body seems to be in it’s worse form than before. Why? Written a lot of articles on different diets, from fads to what actually works. I never got the courage to admit that I am a failure because no matter how much I wrote about eating right. One emotional meltdown and I’m back…

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    Lesofat vs Xenical | Which Fat Loss Pill is Better?

    Lesofat vs Xenical

    Before we discuss which slimming pill is better, let’s talk about both of their main ingredient. Orlistat. As a disclaimer, I am not in anyway taking these pills as I do not need to lose a significant amount of weight. Healthy diet and exercise works perfectly fine for my physique. It was my mom and aunt who took Lesofat and Xenical because of of them are overweight. I asked permission to get their photos but unfortunately my request was declined. Of course they were shy.…

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    IIFYM Macros Chart Guide on What to Eat

    Trust me. This “Help! What do I Eat?” macros chart will make our fitness lives SO. MUCH. EASIER. Good day everyone! This post is specially made for people who are tracking their macros AKA  Carbohydrates Protein Fat Macros are how calories are broken down according to nutrient value. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to gain weight or lose weight. We track the big 3 to determine how much food our body needs. If you want to learn more,  visit Macros Inc.  Even if I’m using…

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