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    Being Bipolar: Managing Mania

    Being Bipolar Managing Mania

    Extreme hypomania hit hard last night and I wasn’t able to get sleep despite the prescribed meds my psych gave me. Actually, I took it later than I should because I wanted to try so hard not to be dependent on meds. Alas, it was 3am in the morning and my mind was wild af. Closed my eyes and disconnected from all devices but it was like my brain took 1000mg of caffeine (even if I didn’t drink a single ounce of coffee that day)…

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    Being Bipolar: Mania, Makeup, and Regrets

    Buyer’s remorse. Shopping guilt? All I want to say to myself is.. What the fuck are you going to do with all that makeup? Hi, I’m Kaycee, and if you’re new here, I’m clinically diagnosed with Type 1 Bipolar Disorder. I used to be Bipolar-2, but the pandemic caused more haywire on my already messed up brain that it evolved into a somehow more complicated condition.  Let’s talk about mania, makeup, and regrets.   What is Bipolar-1 Anyway? Sharing this wonderful infographic by Mommy with…

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    Where to Get FREE Mental Health Consultation in the Philippines

    I’m carefully sniffing the jar of Cuddler soy candle that I recently purchased from Oonah Handcrafted (950php/ sampler set of 3 jars). The combination of white florals and vanilla gives off a mild throw of comfort inside my small room. I’m enjoying my state of Zen, that I haven’t experienced for YEARS because of my stubbornness to had myself checked with a Psychiatrist. Scented Candles + Mental Health I’m sharing you the lists on where to find mental health support, and where you can find nice scented…

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