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    Am I a bad mom?

    “Can we try again tomorrow?”. Those were the last words I said to Geof before we went to sleep. A few hours earlier I had another meltdown, and like always, he was the one who had to carry the burden of my rage. Thank God I didn’t hit him physically. But muttering words like: I’m too tired I’m not a good mom, you’re better off with your dad I want to give up ..is not healthy for a young child like him. My Mood Swings’…

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    8 Feel Good Netflix Series Worth Binging

    8 Feel Good Netflix Series Worth Binging

    When I get depressed (I’m bipolar-2) and it lingers longer than a week, months even; I resort to binge-watching to distract myself from the depths of darkness. What to avoid? Rom-coms, Drama, War movies. They definitely trigger. Suspense and horror are also recommended but I don’t prefer. So today I’ll be sharing with you my favorite 8 Feel Good Netflix Series Worth Binging! Whenever a friend, or a reader suffering from depression sends me a message on-line and asks for advice. I always tell them…

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