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    The Manila Hotel cakes available for delivery this Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is a yearly reminder to cherish our relationship with our moms. Given this year’s unique circumstances, many of us will be celebrating this special day at home or even away from the special women in our lives—mom, grandmas, and aunts. Still, even when fancy dinners are impossible, Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be canceled. With some creativity and preparation, you can still give the most special woman in your life the Mother’s Day she deserves. The Manila Hotel pulls all the stops for…

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    Hello World! Happy Mother’s Day! Hello Macho Mom!

    On Site Penalties and Positivity

    I have to reward myself a gift of writing a personal musing on the very first post on my new website The Macho Mom. It has been long over-due and I’ve been thinking about it A LOT!  If not for the google penalization of my beloved kikaysikat.com, I wouldn’t felt so desperate enough to create another domain because I feel like an octopus who’s lost its tentacle and it needs to regrow another one.   As you all know, KIKAYSIKAT has been my baby for…

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