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    Loved Promil iShine Talent Camp 7 2019 | Why We’ll Enroll Again Next Year

    To be honest this will be more of a memoir than a review. Macho kid recently turned 9 and a few more years and he’ll transition to puberty. It makes me anxious as a mom if I’m doing my best to point him in the right direction. In the direction where he’ll grow as a good, responsible adult, while still happy with his choices in life. Masyado ata malalim? In other words, I want his childhood spent on both values, education, and productivity. All while…

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    Macho Kid and his Passion for Arts and Science!

    Hi guys! You probably already know about my son, Geof (jop for short). Also known as Macho Kid! We’ve been sharing a good amount of social media time on instagram as I like to save as many precious memories as possible. Because our kids, they grow up fast. Soon enough he’ll venture into puberty, then adulthood T_T Today I’ll be sharing with you bits and piece of his odd but endearing hobby which is building construction using blocks or sometimes, random objects.   Macho Kid…

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