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Loved Promil iShine Talent Camp 7 2019 | Why We’ll Enroll Again Next Year

To be honest this will be more of a memoir than a review. Macho kid recently turned 9 and a few more years and he’ll transition to puberty. It makes me anxious as a mom if I’m doing my best to point him in the right direction. In the direction where he’ll grow as a good, responsible adult, while still happy with his choices in life.

Masyado ata malalim?

In other words, I want his childhood spent on both values, education, and productivity. All while still having fun that a kid deserves.

This where Promil 4 iShine Talent Camp 7 comes in to play. You can read more about it on my previous posts:

So without further ado, this will be a chronicle of macho kid’s (and myself) experience on i-Shine’s Talent Camp in Art

i-Shine Art Camp 2019

We were enrolled in teacher Kara Escay’s class located near Powerplant, Rockwell. Inside Promi’s headquarters. Only few were enrolled in the morning class, and there were more kids in the afternoon. Geof and I, being the early birds that we are joined the AM class of course.

It was 5-days of different “adventures” as teacher Kara calls it. 

Each day the create and learn something new. Take a look at their activities and output each day!

During the first day, to make the kids comfortable with the environment. Moms like me were allowed and even helped our babies create their very first sculpture.

Second day onwards, we weren’t allowed anymore so I just hung out in Powerplant and ~window~ shopped. Hahaha. Most of their locations are convenient as there are always malls nearby.


Besides teacher Kara, there are a lot of Ate’s and Kuya’s ready to help the little ones when they get into a roadbump. On the 3rd day, macho kid got frustrated cutting the paper because he has a tendency to be a perfectionist.

They never gave up until his happy mood went back to normal!


On the 4th day, they made a cardboard building of their choice.


Jop, with his obsession with the Big Ben clock in London, built his own version. What do you guys think? Macho kid’s got potential eh?

By the 5th day the kids are already bonded like brothers and sisters. Geof even told me that he’ll miss his classmates. But I told him they’ll meet again during their practices and recitals.


Recital Day!

There were 2 days of practice in the venue itself before the actual recital. It lasted 3-4 hours. Good thing it was located in SMX Convention Center in SM Aura, where I spent my free time with me-time.

I highly recommend that you watch my casual mommy-edited video of the whole experience to get a bird’s eye view of what’s in store and more next year.

I’m not a chronic cryer, but my heart felt so full of joy that my tears won’t stop from streaming down my cheeks the moment I saw macho kid in front of the stage beaming with confidence!


Kids from other classes like ballet, dance, theater, and music were amazing too! Thanks to their supportive teachers who treated them genuine kindness!


Kids from theatre camp from Trumpet’s playshop singed, danced, and act

G-Force’s Dance Camp has the most number of students enrolled. So many they had to be split up in 6 groups!


Can you believe their output with just 1 week of camp? Remarkable! Have you seen the video?


Final Thoughts

Geof has had one of his BEST SUMMER ever. According to him. Right after the recital day, he whispered to me “Mom, can I enroll again in Art camp next year? I want to continue my creations”. 

Who can say no to that?

Macho kid learned a lot of things more than just art. He learned how to be independent, sociable, and confident. Values that can be taught beyond the doors of our home. Promil’s iShine Talent Camp indeed nurtured their gifts and more.

You know I’m honest about these things, yes, we were invited as part of the influencers. BUT you know what? I’d enroll Geof again next year and I’m more than willing to pay. It’s that worth it.






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