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    You Decide ❤️

    An unhealed person can find offence in pretty much anything someone does. A healed person understands the action of others has absolutely nothing to do with them. Each day you get to decide which one you will be. -Unknown

  • Personal Musings

    WALANG FOREVER 👏 (merong everyday)

    Madaming nagugulat when I post me and Ryan’s photo paminsan minsan. Sa feed or sa stories. Kayo pala?! Apparently yes. Kailan pa? Hindi ko na alam exact date pero since 2016 Wala kaming monthsary.Wala kaming anniversary.We don’t celebrate valentine’s or birthdays. Baka nga matagal pa bago ako magpost ng ganito ulit, maybe yes, maybe never. Kasi #walangforever Bakit? We celebrate each other’s company every single day. We support each other’s passion and success. Pero we are there for each other in times of struggles and sadness. This is not a romantic post. I had my share of stupidity and heartaches. Nung kabataan ko kasi I had this “glorified illusion of love”…

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    Pure Beauty Collagen – REVIEW! Yung Totoo

    Collagen is life. and today we’re going to review Pure Beauty Collagen Powder (SRP: 1,399php). I’ve been taking this supplement for around 2 months now and have no plans of stopping. Why? Continue reading my full review below! Where to buy Pure Beauty Collagen? @glutaworks on Instagram or Pure Beauty Collagen PH on Facebook As a lady in her mid-30’s (yes), our collagen production is getting slower, and slower every year. Try to observe younger women.  Those in their 20’s and below. Their skin is still plump, glowing, and refined. It’s because their body still naturally produce collagen.    Why does collagen production slow down? The body produces collagen naturally and it…

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    Careline Multi Pot Review – A 3CE Multipot Dupe?

    Hi mga anak! This is totally random but today we’ll be reviewing Careline Multi Pot in Abracadabra. A quick story on this: I was doing a GRWM video on FB Live and have 2 cream blushes in my kit, Careline’s and 3CE Multipot. In similar color! A deep shade of cool red. I did an experiment and applied one brand on each side of my face and lo-behold, they’re dupes of each other! But are they really? Continue reading my review below 🙂 Product Description Always on-the-go and looking for your handy, all-in-one makeup? Careline Multi Pot is your perfect match! Its cream to powder finish will let you achieve…

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    REVIEW: ColourPop Brown Sugar Palette (Photos, Swatches)

    I’m guilty of being one of the people who hoards makeup just because it’s cute, but in reality don’t get to use it at all. Feel me? Season after season we get a new makeup collection release and our we can’t control ourselves. That’s why it feels amazing to find a product that you reach out for, over and over. It’s what Colorpop’s Brown Sugar Neutral Brown Eyeshadow Palette (15usd) is for me.  Worth it? Continue reading below.   Color Pop Brown Sugar Palette Description Add dimension with 6 matte shadows and a pop of glitz with 3 metallic shades. Wear it alone to create your everyday look or pair…

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    Cooking for Valentines Day!

    I am definitely not a cook. It’s usually my boyfriend who serves me (naks!) and prepares me yummy meals whenever I come and visit him. Even my son, macho kid knows this. All I can do is probably fry eggs, hotdogs, and chicken nuggets. Hahaha! But this Valentines day, I wanted to try something different. Nothing beats a gift made with effort. Yes. I’m cooking for my boyfriend this Valentines :} Ryan is a health-buff. He loves high protein and healthy. Luckily, the back of the Sarysarya Oyster Sauce has a simple, and easy-to-cook recipe that he’ll surely like. Ginisang Baguio Beans. Ginisang Bagiuo Beans Recipe Ingredients: 3 tbsp cooking…

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    Oilatum’s ProtectKNOWLogy Bath Time Summit Empowered Mothers to Show Their Love Through Healthy Skin

    The ever-changing weather makes it quite a challenge for us to take care of our little one’s skin. The cold weather makes their skin dry while too much heat causes sun damage. We cannot control the weather, but we can control what we put on our children’s skin.  Oilatum, a globally trusted skin care brand, has recently launched ProtectKnowlogy Bath Time Summit to empower mothers to show their love through healthy skin. This summit is part of STADA’s game plan to help improve healthcare in the Philippines by providing quality products to the Filipinos such as Oilatum.  “With Oilatum, we believe that high quality skin care for toddlers is within…

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    REVIEW: Ellana OG BB Foundation (Original Glow)

    The weird feeling that my breakouts and pimple problems are turning a year old soon. While coping and trying to clear up my acne-laden skin, I had to cover them up. Especially when attending photo shoots, meetings, or events. Before Ellana OG BB Foundation came along, I was using all sorts of high-coverage foundations. Sure they can cover the zits alright, but were they good for my skin? Nope. I felt like wearing them during the day made me pimples worse. That’s when I was asked to try and review Ellana’s latest face product, of course I said yes! It was a wish come true for me. I was already…

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    4 BEST GYM PROGRAMS FOR BEGINNERS (Female) – I’ve tried them all!

    Whenever I post videos of me working out, I receive a lot of DM’s on my social media accounts asking me: ” Ms Kaycee, I want to start lifting weights but I don’t know how” .Before weight lifting, I’ve tried countless types of workout programs. Like you I was intimidated with the barbell. Pilates, yoga, HIIT, Barre. I finally found my satisfaction in weight training. Not only did it help me stay in shape, I’ve gotten a lot stronger in the process. I’ll even give you some reasons why you need to lift. If you want to be strong and sexy at the same time. You’ve come to the right…

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