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8 Holiday Gift Ideas from Human Heart Nature (less than 500 pesos!)

Hello everyone!  Human Nature offers early Christmas bundles that aim to give back to the community.  Shop with a purpose. With every gift you buy, you help uplift workers and farmers from poverty, support social entrepreneurs and build a more sustainable Philippines.

Here are a few holiday gift ideas you can give your loved ones this Christmas! I personally love this brand because they give back to the community and their employees are paid and treated well. Not to mention their products are top-notch good quality!

8 Holiday Gift Ideas from Human Heart Nature

#8 For Family, Friends and Colleagues: Happy Helping Hands Christmas Bundle (P144.00)

Christmas is supposed to be a gleeful time with your loved ones. Avoid the holiday flu and keep your family and friends in tiptop shape with gentle germ busters Energizing Citrus Hand Soap and Citrus Burst Sanitizer.

#7 For Your High School and College Friends: Holiday Bloom Christmas Bundle (P284.00)

From buying presents and wrapping gifts to arranging reunions, the holidays can be a tad bit stressful. Pamper your besties and make them feel like a queen with this nourishing Christmas bundle that features the all-around miracle worker Sunflower Beauty Oil Bloom and the all-natural Blossom Beauty Healthy Lotion.

#6 For Your Office BFF or Girl Boss: Strawberry Glee Christmas Bundle (P209.00)

#5 For Your Skincare-Loving Friends: Sunflower Beauty Oil Bloom Bulk Buys  (P329.75 each)

Combat post-Christmas skin and give your friends a head-to-toe treat with this multi-awarded beauty oil that renews and rejuvenates skin. This one comes in a fresh, flowery scent, lending a floral holiday aroma. Have 7 friends raring to bloom this Christmas? Perfect! Buy 7 Sunflower Beauty Oil Bloom 100ml for P2308.25 and get 7 free beautiful bloom bags to gift them in! Plus, you get a free bottle just for you.

#4 For Beauty and Makeup Lovers: Natural Lip Scrub Bulk Buys (P195.00 each)

Dry, cracked lips are a sign that the cold season is in full swing. Do your lipstick-loving friends a favor and help them say goodbye to chapped lips with the all-natural Lip Scrub that gently exfoliates lips for a picture perfect holiday season. Enjoy P100 off when you buy 5!

#3 For Those Who Love the Great Outdoors: Rescue Balm Bulk Buys  (P99.75 each)

Whether you’re hitting the beach or planning a trip to a nearby resort, arm yourself against itchy bug bites and soothe skin discomforts when spending time outdoors during the holidays with the Rescue Balm. You get one free balm for every 10 pieces you buy so be sure to grab one for the whole family! Buy it in bulk for P999.70 and save P99.75.

#2 For All the Moms, Ninangs and Titas: Soothing Balm Bulk Buys (P99.75 each)

With the Christmas traffic and holiday shopping rush, it’s really hard to relax. Help your moms and titas breathe in peace with this peppermint, eucalyptus and bergamot-infused soothing balm that eases dizziness, relieves stuffy nose and gets rid of headaches. Buy it in bulk (10 pcs.) for P997.50 and get one free for your very own tita starter pack.

#1 For Your Secret Santa and Basically Everyone Else: Flavored Lip Balm Bulk Buys (P94.75 each)

Perfect for people who are always on the go, this holly jolly lip balm will keep lips soft and supple with a moisture-rich blend of cocoa butter, beeswax and sunflower oil in mouth-watering natural flavors. Remember to buy 10 to save P94.75 and get one free yummy Flavored Lip Balm. 

Human Nature Christmas Bundles and Bulk Buys are available at Human Nature branches nationwide and via www.humanheartnature.com.

So good right? I even want to buy some bundles for myself LOL. Happy holidays everyone!

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