8 Things To Consider When Buying a Car

Can you remember the things that you wanted to have growing up? Your own house, a cute pet, and your car. Now that you are earning your own money, these things can be achievable, or maybe you already have achieved some of them. These days, they are no longer wants but now needs. Having your car comes with loads of benefits and one of which is convenience. But you should know that with this convenience comes a lot of responsibilities, because surprise, you will also have to maintain it. And that does not end there. So before you head out to a garage and pick up your car, here are eight things to consider when buying a car! 

Nowadays, owning a car is like having a kid. It doesn’t end with just having it. That is why you must plan and thoroughly think things through. Now that you are pretty much decided on driving your own soon, here are some items to tick off of your checklist:

  1. Cash or Loan?

Have you saved up enough to pay in cash? Or are you planning to take out a car loan from your bank? Most of the time, buying in cash comes with lots of perks and even large discounts from car dealers. Meanwhile, a car loan can be arranged in manageable monthly amortisations on a fixed term but usually comes with interest and other financing charges. 

  1. What is Your Budget?

Now that you have considered whether to pay for your car in cash or to take out a car loan, you should also identify your budget for this investment. It can get overwhelming once you start browsing catalogues and visiting car garages, but it is best to keep an open and rational mind and set a budget. This is particularly helpful if you are going to get a car loan. Factor in your monthly amortisation to your existing monthly budget. The key rule is not to go beyond your means! If you feel like buying this car would restrict you from living comfortably with your monthly earnings, you might consider buying a cheaper model.

  1. Brand new or Used?

This may perhaps be one of the most important things to consider. Buying a brand new car would be so much more expensive, but the greatest benefit that comes with it is peace of mind. Since you will be the first owner, you can rest assured that you will encounter fewer problems with the machine, or if you do, you will most likely still be under warranty- unlike buying a second-hand car. While the latter is cheaper, it will also risk problems caused by regular usage. Unless you know how to inspect a car for defects, you will only have the words of the owner to hold onto regarding the quality of the car. 

  1. Know your fuel
    This point is one of the more relevant topics these days. Do you know what fuel the car you want to buy runs on- diesel or gas? Is it running on a special fuel type, or is it one of those hybrid vehicles? Now that the fuel price is skyrocketing, it is best to include this in your consideration too! 
  1. AT or MT?
    At this point, I’m pretty sure you are already imagining driving your car to the beach! But wait, do you know how to drive? Which type of transmission are you trained in? Most new drivers go for AT or Automatic Transmission because it is easier to use than MT or Manual Transmission. You have to set the brakes and change to Drive, Neutral, Reverse, or Park and hit the pedal!
  2. Meanwhile, MT is for more experienced drivers. The shifting of gears is crucial to driving smoothly on the road. But there is a saying among drivers that once you learn how to drive a Manual, driving an Automatic should be a breeze!
  3. Car Usage
    Another thing to consider is the usage of your car. Here’s the part where you answer this: “Why are you buying a car?” Are you going to use it to go to work daily? Are you going to serve your family with their errands? Or are you going to use it for business and regularly transport materials? An answer to this should help you decide or reconsider the model/ build of the car you are getting. For example, if you are driving to work every day, it’s best to get a fuel-efficient sedan! 
  1. Maintenance and Repairs
    As I have been saying, getting a car doesn’t stop with driving it. Just like having a baby or a pet, it must undergo regular maintenance. Among these are changing oil, cleaning, and parts repair. These are usually the unspoken cost of owning a car. So it has to be factored in in your decision-making. The key here is always to set aside a budget for the maintenance of your vehicle. And don’t forget to keep it insured! 
  1. Reselling Options
    This last point is us thinking years into the future. Let’s say you finally decided to get your dream car. You made memories with it on the road. And after 3 or 5 years, you feel like you are now ready for an upgrade and decide to sell your car. But wait, it is not as easy as it sounds! Think of the reselling value of your car. Are there any damages both on the exterior and the machine? Was it well-maintained, and did it regularly get a check-up from the garage? If the answer is mostly yes, then you’ll likely still get a nice reselling price for your car. But that is still dependent on the brand and the market’s competitiveness. 

Now, are you ready to finally drive your car? I hope the things to consider listed above helped you make up your mind about getting this investment. Happy driving, and stay safe on the road! 


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    Thank you for sharing ❤️maybe hanggang pangarap ko na lang ito magkaroon ng own car !!btw,kapag may extra budget, it’s okay to having own car ❤️Happy Driving !

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