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How I safely clean my fine jewelry with Kurin

Oh me oh my.. It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated my blog with a new post. Back in the day (wow so old), I could churn up 3-5 stories per day just because I wasn’t occupied with anything else.  But know that I have a almost-regular job, and busy with being a mom, and continuously improving myself through workouts and a recent Harvard course, there’s just not.. Okay enough blabbering, today I’ll be sharing with you how I clean my fine jewelry ;P (nako maliliit lang to! mini reward lang sa sarili paminsan minsan)

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If you like  gold accessories from rings, necklaces, and earrings you must know that even if they’re made of 14k or 18k genuine gold, they’ll still accumulate dirt and grime that can cause them to lose their shine. 

Chlorine is gold’s worst enemy: with repeated exposure, chlorine will weaken your gold jewelry’s structure and eventually lead to it breaking. Don’t even dare use household cleaners! They have acids and abrasives that can damage your precious jewelery.

Cleaning with Kurin all-purpose cleaner

This is not a sponsored post. I wish. But I genuinely have been using Kurin since discovering it in 2015 as it’s an all-around cleaner made from alkaline water. I got this from their website:

Kurin’s cleaning powers come from tried and tested technology from Japan. Every bottle is made up of super alkaline water, which is 99.98% water electrolyzed with food-grade 0.02% food-grade potassium carbonate.

A process called reverse osmosis distills the water (similar to what water stations do). Once the water is softened, it is then combined with potassium carbonate through electrolysis, which safely increases its pH level to have the same cleaning power as regular bleach or soapy water, while remaining just as safe to touch as regular water.

How I clean my fine jewelry with Alkaline water

Step 1: 

I fill a clear glass cup with just enough Kurin to soak my jewelry in

Step 2: 

Depending on the type, I usually clean everything in one go to save product. Beginning with chains like necklaces and bracelets first so they don’t get knots. I dip one chain for 1 minute, and wipe and dry with a clean fabric.

Step 3: 

I repeat the same process with rings and earrings, but this time around I leave them for around 3 minutes since they’re a lot and I’m sure they’ve accumulated most dirt

All that dirt and grime from your jewelry?!

Step 4:

Wipe and dry!

Final thoughts

I do this every 2 months? Because while using Kurin is safe, we don’t want to over-polish our metals! Here are also some safety reminders from their website:

Kurin cannot be used on non-water resistant items/surfaces, wood, copper, aluminum, and leather. These items will react negatively and will peel and fade. Kindly refer to our manual for the list of non-recommended makes when using Kurin.

Happy Cleaning!


  • Joaquin Eli Bacod

    Yay thank you for sharing this . Very informative and helpful kung paano gamitin ang kurin sa paglilinis ng alahas and very effective tlga 😍

  • Kyla Mae

    Thanks you for sharing this tips and how the procedure !Kurin looks a great product!Must buy this ,mas nagshishine ang ating jewelry 🥰Thank you also for the safety reminders♥️

    • Jenny Labutap

      Talagang must have ito Lalo na sa may mga jeweleries dahil it’s hard to find talaga Ng maayos at best na pang linis. Thank for sharing this and for the reminders on how to use it properly and safely!

  • Lizel Tejares Purcia

    Yes very helpful naman po Ms.Kaycee.
    Nagkaroon ako ng idea kong pano maglibis ng alahas na hindi nasisira

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