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Babywearing Philippines honors ancient Filipino babywearing practices in International Babywearing Week 2019 celeb

Manila, Philippines – On October 13, Babywearing Philippines will lead at least 200 Filipino babywearing families nationwide to honor and celebrate the ancient practice of babywearing in the Philippines.
Babywearing Philippines is the 60,000-strong not-for-profit online support community on Facebook that advocates safe and proper babywearing among Filipino families all over the world.
Following the global theme, “Continuing the Tradition”, Babywearing Philippines is joining the worldwide babywearing community in celebrating International Babywearing Week in a one-day event at the Atrium of Eastwood Mall in Quezon City.
Babywearing is essentially carrying babies and small children in slings or carriers. Wearing a baby is actually a centuries-old practice in various cultures worldwide. Historical accounts and artifacts show that families of yore naturally incorporated babywearing in their daily lives as they kept their children literally close to them even as they searched for food, moved their shelter or worked in the fields. 
In the Philippines, different indigenous groups still practice babywearing as it allows them to tend to household chores and in their livelihood activities while still being able to care for their children.
The Indigenous Peoples of the Cordillera refer to using a cloth, usually a blanket, tied to make a baby sling as “ubba” while the T’bolis in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato call it “s’libay”.
One of the highlights of the day-long event organized by Babywearing Philippines is a visual presentation of babywearing as it was practiced by Filipino ancestors featuring the different types of baby carriers used in the olden days.
At the event, modern-day babywearing Filipino families will be guided on how to properly wear babies in various carriers and will be taught techniques for special cases like newborns, preemies and multiple babies.
There will be talks and discussions on making DIY carriers, natural parenting, effects of babywearing on mental health and physiological benefits of babywearing to health and fitness.
Attendees can also purchase limited edition IBW 2019 merchandise as well as imported and locally-produced baby carriers at discounted costs from participating retailers at the event. A lot of fun activities and raffle prizes are in store for both parents and children. Registration fee starta at P350 per family via www.facebook.com/BabywearingPhilippines

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